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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Aug 30, 2005 05:37 Flag


    Good to see the effort made by the boro supporters to go and cheer their side on against charlton on sunday (where were all the fans?) and a cracking 3 goal twonking that you received from 'charlton' - yeah, amazing effort by these 'talented' boro players' - yakubu looks like a fanstastic striker of the ball and worth every penny, perhaps when he learns to actually make contact with shots you might get some results. (",)

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    • Here! paul you bum sucker, how can you be a smoggy when your in Manchester? Dont gob off at the geordies, they always end up making us look stupid in here!

    • See you just had to come back to see us.

    • Jabber!

      Hopefully you'll read one of these replies and stop giving paul6969 replies in here.

      Makes the Boro lot appear to have people talking about their dull football team.

      Let paul6969 just ramble on to himself instead.

    • Lol @5 times.

      a 20 second w*nk and your on the verge of passing out!

      considering shes inflatable, you only have to do 'it' the once and g like the clappers, 'it' wont mind as 'its' not a real woman.

      like the witty remark with the 'accused' - thats rich coming from a smoggy, at least a geordie can wear a suit for court, better than turning up (here it comes....) with a dirty bum and white socks!

      not that bothered about homo-sexuals paul, just you bite like hell everytime your sexuality is poked at in these messages........

      .......basically its a sign your screaming to 'out' yourself.

      bit like supporting that team of 'pooftas' from teeside.

    • The remark doesn't upset me, I just think it's about time you came up with something a little more imaginative. I mean come on how many times have we heard DIRTY BUM and WHITE SOCKS - I don't own any by the way, before one gets bored of it.

      I like the cottaging jibe though, funny that. Indeed I could take you to several places around the city centre where you can get that kind of service. I really enjoy visiting the gay area around here though, but I suppose you're so imasculinated that you would think every gay fella was trying to turn you. The truth being that you're afraid you'd like it so to prove your masculinity you'll shag every girl in sight, cos that's what makes you a bloke right.

      It must have being confusing being called "copper" in Boro, in Newcastle people in suits are usually called "the accussed" aren't they?

      Anyway I'm gonna go upstairs now and shag our lass five time just to prove to myself that I'm not gay.

      Bye sweetie.

    • Aw sorry paul, never knew that the 'dirty bum' remarks upset you so much.....

      .....do you wear white socks aswell, like a proper smoggy!?

      i was in boro yesterday and i found it hilarious looking at some of the locals, the amount of scruffs wearing half mast trousers, white socks and boro shirts was laughable.

      some cross eyed gimp sneered at me for wearing a suit and muttered 'copper' - what a silly ignorant c*nt, p*ssed him right off when i stared him down and burst out laughing.

      i'm debating creating a web-site dedicated to boro and its f*cking dumb residents will be the stars of the show, would you like me to do a special feature on you?

      'a travellers guide to cottaging by paul3767' has a certain ring to it, dont you think?

      (will wait for another sh*tty reply)

    • That seems enough to me. What have you got better? We signed Owen and SMELLY BUM SMOGGIES. come on, show me United are better than Boro at this moment. All you seem to be able to harp on about is 52,000 fans. That means nothing.

      Recent history.

      Is that All I can go on about? There isn't much else to a club. Oh I think your youth policy is #$%$. Your midfield is packed with similar players and Owen apart your current forward line is #$%$. So what else do you want me to go on about? Coaches, oh yes. DEAN SAUNDERS? Need I say more? Terry Mac I'll give you. Hey, but there's a good start Owen and Terry Mac - I think you might win this years champions league.

    • Lol @paul all you can come up with now is 'sh*te defence'

      and the other comments about owen and liverpool, why disclose any clauses about his contract and make them public knowledge? You really are a silly c*nt paul yabbering about nowt as usual.

      love the comment about everton, like that ever stopped anyone thats played for liverpool previously? Peter beardsley played for both liverpool and everton without any hassle as well as playing two spells for us, he yet agin was another quality player in his day that wouldnt have considered sh*tty boro!

      so apart from our manager and chairman slurs, now your new 'defence' slatings and the "but owen wanted to go back to liverpool" you havent got much else to harp on about.

      lol @paul the silly c*nt and deluded boro fan!

    • I see pauls chuntering about b*llocks as per usual, all he can go on about is how Owen wanted to go to Liverpool - we know that, but WE signed him!!! ha ha ha ha ha So no matter what crap paul goes on about he cant take away the fact Owens ended up as part of the Toon Army!!!

      Glorious 4 year contract aswell!!! ha ha ha ha ha Owen will end up loving the place in time and will never regret this move.

      Great that even with a manager as sh*te as ours we can still get an international hero to sign for us!!! ha ha ha ha I bet pauls as sick as f*ck!!!

      Phew!..........every geordie can sigh in relief that Viduka isnt even an option anymore, he'd be keeping that treatment table warm for Dyer more often than scoring had we signed him!

      ...........and paul, we know we havent got the best defence in the premiership but we dont have a goalkeeper that drops f*cking clangers like your dodgy keeper and even our sh*tty defence is of a better calibre than Boros knackers including a Aston Villa reject - anyhow, would we get hammered 3-0 at home by Charlton in a near empty stadium.......nope!

      hahaahahaahahhahhha...............pauuuuuuuuuuuuul!!! (",)

    • Everton? You think he was going to go to Everton - Why did he say no? Because Newcastle is bigger? No, because it is Everton.

      How do you measure league sucess? Numbers of support? No, on League position and Europe, Gibson has transformed our club and has a plan. League cup was a decent beginning, I bet your mangey lot would settle for that at the end of the season, please don't tell us you won't.

      No we haven't had Champions League Football - your point is?

      Souness has been dislike at most clubs he has managed, Rangers apart, and has spent loads getting there.

      Keegan, while very entertaining, has admitted his own tactical lacking. So I think you will find that I am not ranting.

      Boro have been involved in many nail biting games, and we don't have to go back almost a decade. Ask Man City fans about the game at the end of last season.

      You got my point about Shearer, and Owen may go the same way. Do you know the club refused to comment on wether Owen has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave for Liverpool. Anyhoo, Owen will not make a team either - #$%$ defence.

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