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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Aug 30, 2005 19:10 Flag


    Paul? Why do you keep making reference to the 'millions' that newcastle united have spent on transfers? Have boro not spent 'millions' at all like? Perhaps you should check out your clubs official website and have a read there - boro pay loads of good money for crap players & thats reflected on the fact you been a lower half to mid table premiership team for seasons and seasons now, you've finished 7th once!!! Wow!!! In the big time ey!? Lol

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    • Qualified for Europe two seasons running. Thats all you need to know. Where did you finish last season? 14th? So what are you harping on about. Hardly world beaters yourselves. I know losts of Blackburn fans and everyone of them was glad to see the back of souey - he spent stacks and produced little - except battling performances. Was the same at Liverpool too.

      They are likening this to the signing of Shearer, tell me, what trophies did England's best striker bring to Newcastle? HHmmmmmmmmm. Would that be 0? Think so. I don't see that Owen is going to improve you enough to challenge for anything - especially with the "defence" you have. Is it back to the Keegan days? Score 3 conceed 4? Cooouuuuullllllddddddd be.

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      • The old 'europe' taunt, boro wouldnt do any better than last time around, in fact it'lll just be fun to watch them making clowns of themselves on channel 5 for a second season running.

        boro ever played champions league football yet? Nope! Lol

        rant rant rant rant, thats all you can do paul!

        especially about souness - he wont be at the toon forever and when he does go, yet again i'll be harping on about that and bellowing laughter in your ears! For the millionth time, we dont rate him! Then you start going on about the keegan days.

        bring keegan back i say, at least we were entertaining and creating a buzz in the premiership, twonking folk like man united 5-0 for fun and possibly playing the finest football match in history when we lost 4-3 to liverpool, i was there & even though we lost the game and atmosphere was still so exciting!

        what nail biting exciting games have boro brought to football history? None, i remember not so long ago when boro failed to turn up for fixtures they ended up getting points taken off them and ending up relegated - how i laughed about that back then!

        as for shearer not bringing trophies to newcastle united? Well it helps when the other squad members are digging in deep for success aswell, i dont know of one example where an 'individual' has won all the honours all alone for his club.

        wow! Boro has won the coca cola cup the other season and finsished 7th in the premiership last - and thats all you've got to shout about. Lol still doesnt make boro a decent club.

        our defence is bad??? And boros isnt? Getting 3 goals chucked past you at home by charlton shows your lot are more clueless than ours!

        as for owen joining newcastle united?...jealous b*stard aint ya! Just cause boro wouldnt and couldnt get a look in!!! Lol

        and bear in mind owen could have went to everton as they approached him and he would have played champions league football, but even he knew that newcastle united was a big enough club for him to sign to, even if it wasnt his first choice.