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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2005 00:23 Flag


    Everton? You think he was going to go to Everton - Why did he say no? Because Newcastle is bigger? No, because it is Everton.

    How do you measure league sucess? Numbers of support? No, on League position and Europe, Gibson has transformed our club and has a plan. League cup was a decent beginning, I bet your mangey lot would settle for that at the end of the season, please don't tell us you won't.

    No we haven't had Champions League Football - your point is?

    Souness has been dislike at most clubs he has managed, Rangers apart, and has spent loads getting there.

    Keegan, while very entertaining, has admitted his own tactical lacking. So I think you will find that I am not ranting.

    Boro have been involved in many nail biting games, and we don't have to go back almost a decade. Ask Man City fans about the game at the end of last season.

    You got my point about Shearer, and Owen may go the same way. Do you know the club refused to comment on wether Owen has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave for Liverpool. Anyhoo, Owen will not make a team either - #$%$ defence.