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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2005 00:25 Flag


    I see pauls chuntering about b*llocks as per usual, all he can go on about is how Owen wanted to go to Liverpool - we know that, but WE signed him!!! ha ha ha ha ha So no matter what crap paul goes on about he cant take away the fact Owens ended up as part of the Toon Army!!!

    Glorious 4 year contract aswell!!! ha ha ha ha ha Owen will end up loving the place in time and will never regret this move.

    Great that even with a manager as sh*te as ours we can still get an international hero to sign for us!!! ha ha ha ha I bet pauls as sick as f*ck!!!

    Phew!..........every geordie can sigh in relief that Viduka isnt even an option anymore, he'd be keeping that treatment table warm for Dyer more often than scoring had we signed him!

    ...........and paul, we know we havent got the best defence in the premiership but we dont have a goalkeeper that drops f*cking clangers like your dodgy keeper and even our sh*tty defence is of a better calibre than Boros knackers including a Aston Villa reject - anyhow, would we get hammered 3-0 at home by Charlton in a near empty stadium.......nope!

    hahaahahaahahhahhha...............pauuuuuuuuuuuuul!!! (",)