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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Aug 31, 2005 00:35 Flag


    Lol @paul all you can come up with now is 'sh*te defence'

    and the other comments about owen and liverpool, why disclose any clauses about his contract and make them public knowledge? You really are a silly c*nt paul yabbering about nowt as usual.

    love the comment about everton, like that ever stopped anyone thats played for liverpool previously? Peter beardsley played for both liverpool and everton without any hassle as well as playing two spells for us, he yet agin was another quality player in his day that wouldnt have considered sh*tty boro!

    so apart from our manager and chairman slurs, now your new 'defence' slatings and the "but owen wanted to go back to liverpool" you havent got much else to harp on about.

    lol @paul the silly c*nt and deluded boro fan!