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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Sep 2, 2005 20:15 Flag


    Aw sorry paul, never knew that the 'dirty bum' remarks upset you so much.....

    .....do you wear white socks aswell, like a proper smoggy!?

    i was in boro yesterday and i found it hilarious looking at some of the locals, the amount of scruffs wearing half mast trousers, white socks and boro shirts was laughable.

    some cross eyed gimp sneered at me for wearing a suit and muttered 'copper' - what a silly ignorant c*nt, p*ssed him right off when i stared him down and burst out laughing.

    i'm debating creating a web-site dedicated to boro and its f*cking dumb residents will be the stars of the show, would you like me to do a special feature on you?

    'a travellers guide to cottaging by paul3767' has a certain ring to it, dont you think?

    (will wait for another sh*tty reply)