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  • Malcolm Malcolm Sep 26, 2005 01:00 Flag

    No belief

    I have just watched a Boro team with no belief get beat by McArthy's Mackem Mongos, who to be fair did have a belief. McClaren needs to get this contratc signed that has been in preparation for what? 3 months!! either Boro have the world's slowest typist, or he is not fully committed, if not.. then go to England NOW!
    We need a team that plays with balls and belief

    My only consolation is that McCarthy's Mackem Mongos will still go down............ unfortunately we will be with them playing like that.

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    • You were shite and we fully deserved the win!
      Get a Dummy and spit it!

    • Lets get things into perspective here. Sunderland didn't win that game, we lost it. We had all the posession and couldn't finish, by the time they got their second we should, not could, have been 3-1 up. Easy chances missed and some not so easy also missed.

      The problem seems to be creativity too. Against that side we should have been creating bags, because they are even worse than the geordies. Who by the way are getting carried away with a couple of wins. Like I said before, A good start for them is a terrible one for us.

      I agree about McClaren, he needs to make his mind up, I want him to stay, he is the right man for the job, but if he doesn't want to stay then he should say so NOW.

      Really dissapointed about yesterday though, Sunderland are not a good side, Wigan had much more about them. They don't look like a side who can stay up, but at the end of the game they had three points and that is what counts.We won't be going down, thats a fact.

      I think what McClaren has to do though is sort out his best side and get some pattern to the play.

    • Hold on, seems like theres a bit of heckling towards Boro by their own fans now??? I thought McClaren was the man and is taking you places? or have you accepted that last season is as good as it'll get for you?

      I'm chuffed that the Mackems beat you, you scruffy mingers!