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  • (Sung to the tune from the Addams Family)

    Your sister is your mother,
    your father is your brother,
    your shagging one another,
    The boro Family!!!

    A f*cking classic or what?

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    • Paul I am so sorry for what I said, I think it was because I had a row with my boyfriend and he wouldnt give me one...sorry again I feel the need to wind people up because of the insignificance of my miserable homosexual life and that I have no friends (except my rent boy lover who i have to pay)I am also highly insecure and still live with me mam
      if i can make it up to you in any way please tell me and i will do it....whatever you ask...believe me nothing is too degrading or large to fit in my tight little hole....love and kisses XXXXXX

    • Yeah well I always did bite for a maggot. Old habbits die hard I guess. But as far as maggots go, you are the biggest and juciest of them all.

      And paranoid, what the #$%$ do you mean, "where did that come from?". Silly #$%$, you think I have several profiles, and seem to mention me in just about every post you manage to deliver to us from the ether.

      Like the way you just had to let us know you are an active, virile, social, hetrosexual, just in case you doubted it hey?

      And by typing your silly little sounds you impress no one. I bet you even take great pride in quoting Little Britain!!!!!

    • mwahahhahah paul3767 - you just get better!!! that was just such an angry reply, you really do expose yourself everytime!!!

      I'd love to heckle you some more, but I couldnt possibly want to satisfy your deluded fantasy, that you have me paranoid???

      I mean? where that one came from? paranoid?, paul3767 just keep taking those happy pills that your on, and keep believing that the medication will eventually convince you that your something your not........switched on and sane.

      Anyhow, I've taken your advice on board and for what its worth, I do go out alot, I already have a life and I also have a woman aswell, I really cant see what good your advice will do for me?

      But just to let you know I can actually show some gratitude, so thank you anyway.

      On a brighter note.....

      When are you and charlie32uk getting married then? Do I get a wedding invitation or what?

    • Aw look!!! paul3767 is tapping up his new bum chum in charlie32uk!(chuckles) now theres a couple of tissues each lads, get those tears wiped up, I didnt mean to make you cry....

      .....and told tell your mummys on me, I'll be your bestest friend! ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Perhaps my banter is a bit too much at times, even I will admit that, but lets face it, neither of you two can actually claim to have NEVER posted an indecent or insulting message!

      So, its a bit like the pot calling the kettle black there, but lets face it, you cant really take any stick, can you?

      And paul3767, I never took it that serious, I just enjoy being able to wind you and the rest of the internet lot, up so easily.

      Anyhow.....heres that catchy little song again (sing to the tune of the Addams Family) and this time its especially dedicated to paul3767

      Your sister is your mother
      your father is your brother
      your sh*gging one another
      The BORO family

      Diddly dum click click!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Charlie, this geordiebloke is a complete idiot. I did the same as you, a bit of banter, at the begining that is! You are spot on, he takes banter seriously. I was gay, a cottager, a child molester and having sex with my mother, among other things.

      Playground stuff really. I'm now away and have not had much time to use the forum, I come back and he is still talking about me. Now I did spout a bit of #$%$, I admit that, but he takes it all so serious.

      Like your jibe about the skidmark, but I think I would rather have the skiddies than meet this bloke. It's fans from across the country too, many people say the same about the level to which he takes his banter, it is just too much.

      What a performance on the weeked by the way. We were fantastic, just need a level of consistency really.

      Be back soon

      See ya

      Paul, the thorn in the side of the master.

    • Nice one Paul! I am glad to see some life on the Boro message boards, we can only thank Geordie bloke for his wind-up attempts in galvanising the Boro faithful into action. Personally I think that if you are going to come into another teams forum and give abuse, you should only expect the same in return and not spit out your dummy when you do get it back, especially when you’re (by the way when you’re reading this Geordie Bloke, check out the spelling dummy, you’re means you are, your means your) an insecure foul-mouthed simpleton totally incapable of any form of intelligent banter and posses all the wit, humour, charm and popularity of a skidmark. Just look on the Newcastle message board and you will find many of his fellow Geordies are also sick of his vile, bigoted remarks and his " my Dad’s harder than your Dad " mentality.
      However...I must admit I found his original song (the Adams family one) very amusing even though I am a Boro supporter myself. When I replied with a song I had made up about Newcastle, the torrent of abuse I got in return from him was incredible! I mean references to child abuse and other examples of his obviously sick imagination, absolutely disgusting to say the least. Although he did stop the abuse references, to his credit, when I pointed out that his "foaming at the mouth " comments were only succeeding in making himself look like a proper twat who bites like the best of em and has no concept of the art of winding people up. Winding up others should be done in a humorous way, as soon as one party gets personal and resorts to sick, angry or violent abuse as a retort, then they lose……no ? Having grown up in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, the Northeast, North Yorkshire…whatever people want to call it-I really couldn’t give a toss, I have always enjoyed the humour and the art and skill of the wind-up. In his case however I discovered a real amateur who had nothing to offer except vulgarity and small-mindedness, no real humour at all, it was like the comedy equivalent of Roy Chubby Brown versus the Crankies, (a particularly relevant comparison I think, being Boro V Newcastle) and in the end there was only one winner.
      Apologies for the length of this letter but I really found the need to gloat, and felt that a long sustained reply was needed, I usually rip him to shreds with a few choice sentences (check out the previous threads) and know that he will be reading this and hanging on every word in order to bite back in a typically “trying so hard to sound intelligent” manner, totally inappropriate for one who constantly feels the need to refer to how hard he is and how many women he’s had.
      You may be onto something Paul about him being mentally delicate, perhaps some sort of childhood trauma is really to blame. I am sure a physiologist could base a lifetime career analysing his many letters, I only hope we haven’t pushed him too far over the edge this time and that once he has wiped the rabid spittle from his chin he actually heeds your advice to get out, get a life and get a girl. Like you say Paul not for us, but for himself.

    • Geordie Bloke,

      I cannot beleive that I come here after all this time and you are STILL talking about me!!!!!!! You #$%$ sad #$%$ I just saw the Shearer incident here on CBC, tell you what, that #$%$ has been doing that all his career. Now he cries on telly because he caught a good one!! Soft #$%$.

      As for you, perhaps I could send you a picture for you to #$%$ over. That really is sad, I'm not going to type my laughter, but be assured that I am #$%$ my sides. I've also just seen the post in which you talk about my other profiles, did I effect you that much? I didn't realise you actually were mentally delicate. #$%$ I have you paranoid.

      A few words of advice fella, get out, get a life and get a girl. Please do that. Not for me, but for yourself.

    • Aye cayching them is easy...now getting rid is another matter...Here"s my TOP TIP of the week for all you avid readers; a sprinkle of sugar is all thats needed.......it doesnt get rid of em , but when their teeth rot you can"t feel the biteing anymore.

    • Catching fish charlie32uk? why no! In reality getting you lot biting in here is just as easy as catching crabs from a Boro lass.

      Dead easy.

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