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  • Geordie Bloke,

    I cannot beleive that I come here after all this time and you are STILL talking about me!!!!!!! You #$%$ sad #$%$ I just saw the Shearer incident here on CBC, tell you what, that #$%$ has been doing that all his career. Now he cries on telly because he caught a good one!! Soft #$%$.

    As for you, perhaps I could send you a picture for you to #$%$ over. That really is sad, I'm not going to type my laughter, but be assured that I am #$%$ my sides. I've also just seen the post in which you talk about my other profiles, did I effect you that much? I didn't realise you actually were mentally delicate. #$%$ I have you paranoid.

    A few words of advice fella, get out, get a life and get a girl. Please do that. Not for me, but for yourself.