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  • Charlie32uk - You found the song a bit 'forced?' and the lyrics too 'cumbersome?' ha ha ha ha ha

    Proves what I say about Teesiders then, thick, talentless and moronic....aswell as unfashionable, ugly, smelly etc etc

    Of course the words fit the song Charlie, maybes it hard for you to sing though? you know?, with you having a cleft pallet and one front tooth, stuck right in the middle of your gums.

    Were you not that lad in the film 'Deliverance' playing the banjo, you chemically infected yokel?

    Anyway, heres another song for you and YOU ALONE, sing it to the 'Pink Floyd' tune of 'Another brick in the wall'.....

    .....you'll find the lyrics I've come up with fit a treat.

    He dont need no education.
    Hes got no f*cking brains at all.
    No wit or sarcasm in this forum.
    Charlie leave them kids alone.
    All in all its just a little d*ck in ya bum.
    All in all your just another Middlesbrough scum.

    ......and what was all this about? (PS - the tune is 'Michael Finnigan' you thick smoggy c*nt)

    Geordie scum are illegitimate--->(Boros got more b*stards)
    They´ve got aids and cant get rid of it-->(AIDS, obviously)
    They have got no birth certificates-->(easily replaced)
    dirty back n white b*stards ----(back?....You mean BLACK?)

    Your f*cking amateur charlie32uk.

    No wonder Boro songs usually consist of shouting 'Boro!' 'Boro!' and that old Queens Park Rangers 'Pigbag' tune - you f*ckers cant come with anything original and consists of any REAL lyrics.

    and then this, a joke about you losers aswell, enjoy.

    95% of Teesiders confess to having had sex in the shower.

    The other 5% havent been in prison yet.

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    • OOoooooo..... ha ha ha you bite like a good n mate...I tell you this, you wouldnt last 2 minutes in Teeside. Thanks for confirming that my replies have really wound you up no end , you have obviously spent so much time and effort on your vile retorts that it borders on obsession.
      I have succeeded in winding you up to such a degree (without stooping to the disgusting references you have used) that you are practically foaming at the mouth which is plain to see by all who read these threads.
      Ha ha ha... you just dont get it you simpleton...you lose ha ha ha ha

      The Wind-up league results :
      Boro 3 Newcaslte 0