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  • Aw look!!! paul3767 is tapping up his new bum chum in charlie32uk!(chuckles) now theres a couple of tissues each lads, get those tears wiped up, I didnt mean to make you cry....

    .....and told tell your mummys on me, I'll be your bestest friend! ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Perhaps my banter is a bit too much at times, even I will admit that, but lets face it, neither of you two can actually claim to have NEVER posted an indecent or insulting message!

    So, its a bit like the pot calling the kettle black there, but lets face it, you cant really take any stick, can you?

    And paul3767, I never took it that serious, I just enjoy being able to wind you and the rest of the internet lot, up so easily.

    Anyhow.....heres that catchy little song again (sing to the tune of the Addams Family) and this time its especially dedicated to paul3767

    Your sister is your mother
    your father is your brother
    your sh*gging one another
    The BORO family

    Diddly dum click click!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha