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  • Geordie Bloke, you sound like one of the many soft #$%$ geordie tossers that your town is famous for. You obviously are suffering from an inferiority complex for something, not sure what, but i'm sure it must be one on the following: Ugly women, town full of puffs, constantly getting beaten up at football matches and when you go away on holiday (thats if you can afford one).....oh...i almost forgot...a #$%$ football team!

    Just a suggestion, but would it not be an idea for you to make comment on a clubs message board that it worse than you or at least on the same level, try Scunthorpe or Sunderland. After all, I can see the jealousy in you with Middlesbrough being the better team......Recent league cup, European Football!!.....sorry, forgot you played in the Intertoto failures cup....and got knocked out.

    Never mind, one day Newcastle might lose it's reputation for being the #$%$ of the North East that is full of soft bed wetting fat boys!!

    You could always consider moving 50 miles south and losing the dosile sounding accent, get yourself to a gym and try being a hetro sexual, maybe then you won't be classed as one of lifes rejects.

    Chin up fatboy!!

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    • Ha ha ha ha A TOTAL BITE!!!!

      Nice NEW profile, whats up? are we too scared to keep logging in under our normal profile or something? shame you know nothing about computers isnt it? (winks)

      Your so full of #$%$ is laughable.

      Shame your post doesnt have one valid point in there, just an angry and desperate response to my always correct observations about scabby Middlesbrough.

      Better luck under your next profile name.