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  • Paul Paul Nov 24, 2005 02:01 Flag

    Xavier ban

    Do you think Xavier deserved to be banned for 18 months?

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    • If all is true then a life ban should be imposed.

    • whats the difference between pain killers which are used in every match by every professional with an injury and nandrolone??..............both ultimately enhance performance.........

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      • Painkillers only improve a person by stopping the messages to the brain by disabling the nervous system at the point of the pain or in some cases at the brain.

        Nandralone however improves the level of oxygen in the blood therefore giving the muscles more energy, and over prolonged use increasing the development of stronger, more powerful muscle tissue, thats why it's banned.

    • 18 months for breathing in the smoggies air???.....yup probably deserved it...lol

    • There are two things here. If Xavier has genuinly been taking performance enhancing drugs and knew it then the ban should stand. Using such substances is blatant cheating and there should be no room for that in football. Perhaps 18 months isn't long enough, after all Ferdinand got nine months for NOT taking drugs, just missing the test by one day, too short a period for the body to dispose of drugs had he been taking them so he's innocent but punished as if guilty. Secondly if he genuinly took the drugs as part of a supplement to help him beat an infection then he has been guilty of gross stupidity. Surely any professional sportsman suffering from an illness should consult a doctor, preferably the club doctor, who would be well aware of what he was prescribing. Medical advice should over-rule anything else if prescribed drugs are used to treat illness and it is well known that there are many types of drug that can be described for any illness. The club doctor would be aware of what can be prescribed and what cannot given that he would know their ingredients. Therefore unless Xavier can prove that he was prescribed whatever he took rather than purchasing it of his own volition then he deserves all that he gets. As I drummed into my kids all through their formative years 'There's nothing clever in being stupid'.

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      • I am all for sports people being truthful about taking drugs, for a start these guys are the seen as the Hero to many young kids. However that said, football isnt like weight lifting, or the 100m sprint. Taking a quick sniff of Vicks or sticking a couple of hay fever tablets in your mouth, or even drinking a Hot Lemsip, isnt going to let you curl a free kick in from 30 yards, like Carlos, Catch the keeper off his line with a shot from the half way line like Beckham,bang 200 goals in your career like McCoist, or take the ball off your keeper maze your way up the field beating 6 guys and casually rounding the keeper to score, like Weah.
        Footballers, good ones, great ones, are born, no amount of Anti hestimine is ever going to make Van der Saar into Ronaldo. Sure they shouldnt be taking the drugs, and if they do, the rules say they get banned, but if there is a drug available to make world class footballers, tell me where I can buy it cause I've always fancied my chances at Inter.

      • I think he should have been a lot more careful about what he was taking, and, as quatt47 said, he should have seen the club doctor. If he knowingly took the drug then he should be banned, every footballer knows the consequences, if it was accidental as he said, hes going to have to prove that in his appeal. He seems pretty genuine about what hes saying though, he was offering any kinds of tests on him, which makes it seem pretty truthful.