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  • Boro fans, do you think that boro will reach the uefa cup agin next year?
    Given their current results im just wondering about what other people think.

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    • I think this is quite doubtful at the moment as steve mcclaren seems to be incapable of achieving any consistancy. I thought that we eventually had a manager capable of achieving this but it seems we are going back to the boro of old. However i do think that we have at least a chance of reaching at least the semis of the uefa as our current record backs. Come on Stevie give us some consistency and get your die hard fans back firmly behind you!!!

    • of course they will qualify for europe again, maybe even in champions league

    • It's hard to say. While most of our footbal is dire at the moment, we are on a run of only two defeats in 11 games. Problem is the whole club just seems depressed!!!???!!!! We have the quality to do it, but is that vital something missing?

    • short answer..........yes

      given thier current result and if results go our (boro's) way on saturday and sunday we could be 7th.......(ok maybe 8th) but dont forget boro are only 5 points behind 5th place with a lot of football left to be played and still have to play Man City and Bolton, i cant see Wigan and West Ham staying up there to long, i cant also see Charlton getting out of mid-table either and can't see Man City being strong enough to challange, so that leaves Us (boro), Spurs and Bolton for 5th - on paper we have the strongest squad and better squad - but matchs aint played on paper