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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Jan 3, 2006 05:49 Flag

    Top North East Team

    So, if you lot reckon your the top north eastern team then I must be the creator of the universe and life itself!

    If the Boro are that bloody good and have such a fine pedigree of players, then how come you couldnt beat a second string Newcastle United team today then? answer - because your crap, you fielded a stronger team and only got a point! ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Face it! the 'Top North Eastern Club' IS Newcastle United, even with a crap manager and having one of the worst seasons in a decade, were currently sitting 11th in the Premiership, whilst you imbeciles are 16th and on good relegation form. (look, its a sinking ship!)

    You lot dont get over 52,000 people on a home game, you cant even fill your 30,000 capacity stadium, theres always loads of seats that are never filled at the Riverside, why? because you just dont have that football passion, that the Geordies have!

    Face it! your NOT north easterners (wannabe ones maybes), your NOT the top north eastern club, and your certainly no match for an injury plagued and currently crap Newcastle United team.......

    .......So prattle on about the UEFA cup as much as you want, thats the only thing your playing in this season that the Geordies are not in.......

    .....and hopefully on the return visit to Scummy Smoggie land later this year, Newcastle United wont have the injury problems we currently have, and we'll give you a right good old stuffing at your crappy lego stadium.

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    • True we have a #$%$ manager and we are having one of the worse seasons yet in the prem but unless Steve Gibson in the next home match decides to let the Boro fans have a vote on whether to keep Mac i'm afraid we're stuck with him for the time being, it could be worse and have Souness in charge, how much has he spent? and how well have you done? oh and he's asking for more as well

      Well reason the riverside aint been full lately is the shocking prices and yes the #$%$ football to go with it, yes we have the football passion like any other team but we wont pay the high prices when we're always on fecking tv all the time, are you willing to pay full price to see a team that you've never heard of?

      Last time i look on a map we where in the North East, we're closer to Newcastle and Sunderland than Leeds, its just you geordies think the north east starts in Durham and ends in Newcastle - WAKE UP its doesnt

      Hmmmm hopw long did you last in europe this season? oh thats right you never got past the inter2bob - probably the easiest european competition there is

      so this team that played today (Given, Bramble, Elliott, Ramage, Boumsong, Solano, Clark, Faye, Ameobi, Luque, Shearer) is your 2nd team then? your right at any other club they wouldn't get look in at the 1st team, awww are we gutted that your only decent player is out for 3 months

      baby want his bottle?

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      • Not gutted at all, I'd rather that Michael Owen had went back to Liverpool than us waste our cash on him, because the Liverpool fans are STILL whinging on about us signing him months later.

        So, stop going on about Owen, if he scored the winning goal in the World Cup final, you'd be kissing his bum like everyone else in this country.

        Geordies will NEVER accept Boro as being in the North East of England (& even the Mackams feel the same), face it, your alot closer to North Yorkshire than your are Tyne and Wear and unless you can physically change the geography of the British Isles your stuck with it.....southerner.

        We dont want to be associated with your scummy antics, lack of decent employment and high 'drug related' crime levels, you'd even make the scousers blush for being continual thieving b*stards, you even have their high pitched grating voices and a tendancy to think you hard as nails.

        Its ok, I dont think I'll have that babys bottle, I wouldnt want you to part with your little 'lures' for when your going out on the pull.