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  • You keep going on about how #$%$ our area is- we cant deny its a bad place in parts, but in the rest of the town its a very nice place, so get a new #$%$ argument you geordie #$%$.
    By the way, if our team and manager are so #$%$, like you goerdies keep saying, why couldnt you beat them yesterday?
    Just something to think about for you, keep you busy for hours.

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    • Here Sam! nobody from the Boro should be arguing with a Geordie, they have a better City, people and football supporters, so this jabberwocky fella is right, us Teesiders are all scumbags, smackheads, scruffs and owners of crap haircuts and we are not even proper north easterners. The reason we couldnt beat an injury plagued Newcastle United team is because we're even worse, God!, we couldnt even beat Blackburn and they're sh*te! Just compare our Premiership results to Newcastle Uniteds and notice how our form is even worse! We will be holding hands with the mackams at the bottom of the table soon.