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  • i think we could go far as the quaters but no further but i'm wondering how we play better against europe teams and come away with a better result and play a lot better than when we play a prem team and struggle to get a shot on target and play crap

    in fairness i'd rather have our european and cup form be in the prem and have the prem form in the european and cup, maybe it wouldn't have been any disheartens if we where out of europe as the squads to small to complete on 4 fronts as it shows after european and cup games

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    • A lot of Boros form after europe is due to the "rotation Policy" which Mclaren is using, its making the squad unsettled, and they arent working toghether. He would be better to keep the same outlined team, and make one or two changes if need be, but the way its going it can only get better.