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  • came across this yesterday

    "Middlesbrough boss Steve McClaren has been told he must sell players if he is to bring in any new faces during the January transfer window.

    Boro chief executive Keith Lamb blamed the scenario on falling crowds.

    "If the solution to filling the ground is reducing ticket prices then we'll have to cut our cloth," he said.

    "Steve wants to strengthen but he knows we have a surplus of players in some positions so it's reasonable to expect players to leave before we sign more."

    Striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is widely reported to be one player who could be sacrificed, while Ray Parlour, Massimo Maccarone and Szilard Nemeth are also thought to be vulnerable."

    ok i can understand getting rid of parlour, maybe hasselbaink due to his high wages and nemeth since he's looking for 1st team football but maccarone as well??????

    call me stupid but tho we have 7 strikers why get rid of 3 strikers, who'll replace vids when he's injured and yak if he has to go to the african nations, as that'll leave one striker at the club and he aint even fit (christie) and the other one (graham) is on loan, unless he's planning on recalling graham back but he needs more time on loan to develop, i'd rather see parlour and nemeth sold along with the dead weights such as ehiogu and doriva, bring in a defensive mid if boateng is going to leave in the summer and for the time being play rochemback as the defensive mid as i think he's more suited there, bring in a centre back in as i think its time to think about replacing southgate and to challenge riggot, bring young andrew davis back from loan to replace ehiogu and get a right back in so our other young centre back bates can challenge davis and play in his more favoured position,

    i also think its time to release christie, he's a good player but he's been unlucky with injuries and he hasn't the quality to challenge for a place in the team plus its wages we could use on a new player , i think if he didn't have so many injuries he would have turned out to be a good player

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    • couldn't agree more, we have too many strikers (and some are getting on a bit), a defender who always looks like a liability when he is on the ball, a defender who must be near the end of his career, and not enough decent midfield players, at the minute with boateng and downing injured i don't think we have a premiership standard midfielder available at the club (i think morrison will be but he's not yet).
      i wonder about getting rid of mclaren to be honest, i know clubs who keep managers over a long period of time usually fare better, but i can't help thinking that i often do not understand his match tactics. also he has let many of the players who won the carling cup for us leave, to the point that we are now looking like a relegation battle two years later!
      please bring us a better 2006, i don't think i can face buying a season ticket and travelling all the way from london for the home games next season if it continues like this, especially if sky play none of our games at 3pm saturday!

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      • Some of the problems here may also be background staff not performing, and the Manager is most aware of it.
        Honesty from the club will also go a long way and more press about the whole set up.
        Has anyone looked at the support Steve gets.
        These are also key people to the whole structre of this club.
        I reckon Both the steves are on the right road and need the time, with some luck to move forward.
        Sure enough they have a long term plan, but money is tight and it takes time.
        Since Gibson was Chairman look at the foundations he has set already.
        Only stupid people would think we are a top six club so far, not even a top ten club.
        In another three years we will be an established force in the top six if not the top three.
        The team is everyone involved whithin the club and this means putting into action a new Company of workers to give the end product of perfection at a pace that takes time, but can produce a profit, with good results.
        Steve and Steve have a lot on there hands, let the end of the season end before calling for heads.
        Do the Boro have 100 Million pounds to splash around, no and never will.
        Winston himself said, you can please some of the people some of the time, but can never please all the people all of the time.
        If we finish in the Bottom five then I would look for the answer around the whole club before heads rolled and not just the Manager.
        Give the kids a chance also, and who knows we may have a Wayne or something else, sure as hell the boss is aware of our potential.
        I still think he is the one (Steve Mac) the fans just need faith.
        He came from a good background, look at the results of Man-U just after he left there.
        Steve needs time and the fans need patiance with him.
        Gibbo is no mug also, that is why he tied him to a good deal, and that is why Mac took time because he could be a North East enemy.
        Already Newcastle heve him down as there next Manager, a good friend in the game told me this.
        Anyway, Newcastle Boro tonight my prediction 2-0 to the Boro with Owen out, and one goal a Penalty that is just deserved.