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  • Your prediction was #$%$ your forgetting that our defence is #$%$!

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    • Actually we have an alright defence, but schwarzer hasnt been good in recent weeks he lost us the game against the Magpies, and some of the midfield need to play their part in defending aswell. We have one of the best left-backs in the premiership, and Riggott is superb. Our problems are in the managers tactics, and the players he is playing. If he was any good at transfers he would've had some good players in the transfer window, but we lost out on Douala.
      If we do need to sell players it has to be the unused strikers, Christie, Graham, Job and/or Nemeth. But Mclarens that crap he wont sell Christie, even though he hasnt managed two games for about 2 1/2 seasons. And Graham is a local lad, so he wont sell him either. We need to get our Manager thinking sense for a change.

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      • Well anyway, Schwarzer is gone already.
        Did he request or was he forced to leave.
        I am a little sceptical as to the timing of this myself.
        Only six months into a new contract when the club were bending over for him to join on again, smell a rat here to save someones face after a few blunders he made that we all know cost us vital points.
        Where will he go???
        What will we get for him???
        Who will we bring in as first choice, or is Brad Jones now considered first choice????
        At the end of the day this is all very strange at this time of the season and yet again something is going on in the background that the fans are not aware of.
        Sounds like a bust up to me.
        Honesty is the best policy.
        I would just love to read that new contract he had.
        Sacked sounds more like the truth, but it may hurt the selling price also.
        What chances for him also in the World Cup, no changes there.