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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 9, 2006 22:57 Flag

    and the award for being the worst manager goes too................

    Yes McClaren has brought Middlesbrough European football, world class players and silverware, but over the last 7 games his tactics, squad selection and motivation skills are a lot to be questioned about.

    Since Downing's been injured yes there has been a lack of balance on the left, players have been tried there and its failed BUT with the exception of Adam Johnson, yes he's young and inexperienced but he gives that balance that is needed and has proven he can do the job.

    You can tell who are McClaren's favourite players are as they are the one's who are out of form yet play every week, yes Boro have a few injuries this season but to play Doriva and Boateng (2 defensive midfielders) and a centre midfielder in Rochemback who is supposed to be our replacement for Zenden and supposed to be creative on the left and when that doesn't work on the right, It speaks a lot about McClaren's team selection and tactics, he even tries to play strikers on the wing

    41 points from all league games in 2005 says a lot about a managers selection, tactics and motivation, you have to go back to November 2004 for back to back wins, an post- European games didn't look to healthy as we've won only 2 games out of 16, drawn 6 and lost 8 and a good majority of them games have been from teams who we should be beating

    Yes he's taken the club forward but it seems he's taken Boro as far as he can, he's losing the players and this reminds the fans of what happened with Robson, it also seems that he can't 2 jobs at once as he needs to either quit as the assistant manager of England or quit as Middlesbrough manager, with the world cup only 6\7 months away do you really think he's going to fully concentrate 110% on getting Middlesbrough out of trouble? yes Boro are only 8 points off 8th place but also 5 points off 18th and there wouldn't be nothing better to rescue the season with back to back wins too shoot up the league and have a chance to play in Europe for a 3rd but on current form we are in a relegation dogfight, and what's going to happen about bringing players in?, is McClaren going wait till after the world cup where players will become more expensive and some might have already moved

    Yes i should have really added more to my post but i was upset after what i heard on Saturday that.....

    No subs where used at all for Boro, even when its backs to the wall and Boro where being out played, no-one was brought on to freshen things up

    We have a left winger who is fit but was on the bench - why wasn't he on from the start? instead of a centre mid on the left, god only knows - this is the type of game Johnson needs and it would have been a good experience for the lad

    I'd rather have seen Taylor playing instead of Pogatetz - at least its the type of game to give the youngsters a chance to show what they can do since they've been highly rated, least then McClaren had a better excuses for the draw against a team 100 (yes one hundred) places below Boro, blaming the pitch or because it was the FA cup isn't one, it was virtually the 1st team with really 1 youngster - it also could have woken a few of the regular players up, that their place is under threat

    And where the hell was the motivation???? did the players think it was going to be a walk in the park

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    • i have to admit mcclarens substitutions and team selections are a bit dodgy to say the least, but i'm sure we will come through this sticky patch, my brother knows lee cattermole and he often comes round to play on the ps2 and he says that the players still have a huge amount of respect for the manager and the players believe they are just been unlucky, boro have gone through worser times than this in the past and i'm sure we will reach at least mid-table, there is still 4 months of football still to play. C'MON BORO, KEEP HOPE EIO EIO EIO EIO EIO.