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  • for me it has to be yakubu, the yak is stronger,younger,better finisher,faster,better at going past his man, better at holding up the ball and scores more goals

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    • i havn't been to the riverside this season but i been to wigan away.

    • i totally dissagree owen has scored more goals than yakubu and is much better

    • Boro only bought Yakubu because he sunk four goals past them, so thank your easily impressed Manager with easily impressed fans that Boro signed him.

      Why do a comparision with Michael Owen? because he plays for Newcastle United? how pathetic! How about stopping this blatant display of being so biased and jealous about the Geordies?

      Typical 'Smoggy Jealousy' only because Owen would NEVER have considered a move to the Riverside, and who could blame him? #$%$ town, fans and stadium.

      So rather than me, totally humiliating you and putting up both players footballing career stats up in this message, I'd advice you to go and look them up on the internet and compare the two! I've even put the links on below, go and read the stats for yourself.

      They are so chalk and cheese its laughable! Granted Yakubu isnt a bad striker, but hes not of the same standard and calibre of Owen, if anything they are two totally different types of striker, but your so ignornant about football its not worth explaining.

      Michael Owen's international record alone shows the difference in quality! 75 England Caps and 35 goals



      As for your North East Team selections....totally laughable, I wouldnt waste my time typing one out for an idiot like you.