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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Jan 11, 2006 03:21 Flag

    Mark Schwarzer

    I see Mark Shwarzer wants a move away from Middesbrough FC and would prefer a move to the dizzy heights of Portsmouth!

    F*cking hell, thats gotta touch a nerve with you lot? I mean your 'supposedly' the North Easts Premier Club!!! (according how you divvys see things through your ever so blind eyes) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    If they sign him, they'll end up fourth bottom and survive relegation and you'll take their place in the bottom three.....

    .....glug! glug! glug! Boros going down and keeping the Mackams company!!!

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    • Actually Schwarz hasnt been good lateley, weve kept three clean sheets all season, so before trying to make us feel bad about our keeper (to be ex-keeper) going to another club try looking at what the player has done for his current club. Boro arent going to go down this season. Compared to the bottom clubs we out-class them by far, its just our management, and some individual players attitudes that let us down as a club.