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  • Tze Siang Tze Siang Jan 30, 2006 22:42 Flag

    Hasselbaink go ???

    Why is Hasselbaink leaving BORO ?? He's been one of our key players for 2 seasons. If it wasn't for him , we woundn't be in the UEFA Cup this season. We're not in a good position at the momment and letting him go is a big mistake . Dont go Hasselbaink !

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    • Powerhorse thinks that jimmy 'fly' hasselbaink is a cracking forward. he may be old but hes not ready for the knackers yard yet. we have a few injury problems and how can we afford to let someone go because we need money to buy players. when everything is sorted i think he should go if he wants but not yet. anyway, i like the chap. So thats that.

      i have been asking myself why dont the boro spend tons of money any more on players like robbo used to? i think i know why, he spent so much that gibbo doesnt want the boro to go the way of sheff wed and leeds. i mean, that would be far more crap than losing jimmy, would it not? it makes sense especially as many fans arent turning up to watch the boro like they used to. i think its one of those business things and gibbo knows what hes doing there.