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  • L L Feb 2, 2006 18:21 Flag

    Will middlesborough be rellegated?

    Birmingham are coming good, pompeys new team look interesting who will join sunderland in rellegation???
    West brom maybe??
    Whats you views??

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    • Portsmouth are going down. harry redknapp will make history by taking 2 teams down in 2 years. Pompey will have the most expensive squad in the championship and will become bankrupt. Ken Bates will buy the club for one pound and put the ticket prices up.

    • Boro's performance against Villa was abysmal of that there is no doubt but when Boateng, Riggott and Quedrue return from injury we can be sure they will improve. I still say relegation is not a possibility and as for Greening supposedly telling it like it is in the dressing room….. I would suggest he mind’s his own business and addresses the relegation problems of West Brom. One thing which cannot be productive is the fans getting on the player’s and manager’s back it will only make matters worse. For the foreseeable future Boro are going to have to grind out results, it wouldn’t be pretty but it is necessary.

    • yep u will be. at least u had the pleasure of watchin a football team yesterday. haha

    • based on current form, then yes they would be relegated, losing to aston villa badly is a bad sign.

      They would be my tip to go down with portsmouth & sunderland.

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      • Sunderland rock bottom, less than 19 points. Boro 2nd bottom, Portsmouth 3rd bottom. Redknapp will then desert Portsmouth for Southampton again and get another fat pay day, Mclaren will get sacked and join Souness on the retired rich list....and poor MM will continue his association with the worst club in the history of football.

    • I'd like to see the Boro to go down, the wannabe north easteners that they are!

      I'd be delighted to see them swap league positions with the Mackams!

      I wonder how the smog monsters are going to cope next season, without their half a dozen supporters having UEFA Cup football to rant on about!?

      Its now looking more than likely that they'll start next season playing Sunderland! (think about it)

    • There is no chance Boro will be relegated (note spelling please!)you can put your mortgage on it. Been there... done that... got the T Shirt and the video, no way is Steve Gibson going to allow that again. My guess would be, Sunderland, Portsmouth and West Brom with Birmningham and Newcastle as outsiders. Oh how I wish!!!!!!! With Roeder and Shearer in charge it will be like Laurel and Hardy except they intended to be funny