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    does any Boro Players or manager live within 100 miles

    Do any of your millionaire players or Mr Mclaren live in the area to enjoy the beautiful vista that only Middlesboro can offer?

    I heard there are more helicopters owned by the players than cars to enable them to get the F*** out of the place after they've played a match and collected their wages

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    • Get your facts right! The area near Boro is pretty nice, ravanelli, merson, boksic, zeige all lived within 12 miles of the town.

    • Firstly before you post on a public board, ensure your message is gramatically correct your headline should read
      " Do any Boro players etc etc..." There are I am informed quite a few Governemnt funded Basic Skills programmes available to assist you with your reading and writing!
      Now to address your question,Teesside is in fact 70% rural with only the centre and north of Middlesbrough devoted to the chemical and refinery industries, so there is no shortage of opportunities for affluent residents to find pleasant places to live.
      I don't know what it is about Boro, but they seem to have within their fan base who are fairweather supporters who are cynical to the core, and relish the opportunity to knock the players and manager when things are not going quite right. Look at what the team and manager have achieved, look at what the previous manager achieved, remember 20 years ago we didn't even have a football club. Get behind them, cut out the purile sniping, and within weeks we will be wondering what all the fuss was about!!

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      • Well said about the supporters by the way, we seem to have a very short tolerance compared to other fans who get behind their team more and back their lads up to the hilt. Even when we are doing well the attendance figures are crap compared to other teams...personally as much as I hate to say it perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Maccams book, now they really have got a reason to tear up their season tickets but seem to back their team a lot more than us Teesiders.

        As for your spelling ....its bloody atrocious too by the way, for example ; gramatically ....should have 2 m"s
        Governemnt needs the E and M swapping round and of course purile lacks an E

      • It's Puerile you prat! Check your spelling
        Ask your probation officer to see if he/she can get an education grant to buy you an English dictionary

    • You obviously have never been north of Watford, you sad fecker. Get a feckin life