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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 14, 2006 00:46 Flag

    does any Boro Players or manager live within 100 miles

    Well said about the supporters by the way, we seem to have a very short tolerance compared to other fans who get behind their team more and back their lads up to the hilt. Even when we are doing well the attendance figures are crap compared to other teams...personally as much as I hate to say it perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Maccams book, now they really have got a reason to tear up their season tickets but seem to back their team a lot more than us Teesiders.

    As for your spelling ....its bloody atrocious too by the way, for example ; gramatically ....should have 2 m"s
    Governemnt needs the E and M swapping round and of course purile lacks an E