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  • kht20 kht20 Feb 7, 2006 20:21 Flag

    something lacking

    I can understand your frustration, I live and work in the middle of Mags country so you can imagine the flack I am taking at the moment. What is lacking is confidence and despite their price tags and hefty wage packets, they are only human. When everything is going swimmingly you see players shooting from long range (and scoring),skillful players hitting long range passes and showing nifty close ball skills. These all drain away when the confidence goes and every mistake brings boos from the crowd and exasperation from fellow players. Millionaires they may be, but essentially they are quite insecure beings and their confidence in themselves and their colleagues is as imoortant to their game as their skill. You don't become a bad player or a bad team overnight nor do you lose your skill in the same timescale.
    I say stick with them, we have as you say the best Chairman in football, we have a very good coach/manager, we have talented and skilfull players and we have by an large a good set of supporters......we have to believe that and all will come right sooner rather than later