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  • Ian Ian Feb 9, 2006 03:03 Flag

    Macca & Robbo : Peas in a pod

    Gotta admit MacLaren knows as much about tactics as Robbo did!
    Mac may be a great coach but as a manager hes lacking something.
    Still he's not totally to blame....
    AS for the players I'll admit I like the way Viduka plays but he should be behind the forwards , hanging round the 'd' , holding the ball up etc. Swartzer ! He's been transformed overnight from a decent keeper who controlled his area to a bloomin' mouse. The defense , well all the best players are out (again) and the midfield is limited to a 17 yr old with heart & a Tired out spaniard ( yes botang is due back soon) and wingers who fail to help out the full backs.

    If the players have any respect for the fans (& themselves) They'll start putting in the effort to get us out of this mess. If not ..... Championship here we come

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