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  • kht20 kht20 Feb 23, 2006 20:31 Flag

    Intertoto Cup Application.

    What have the Scots and Welsh ever done to you that you would banish all Geordies and their team to either country?
    Most Geordies I have found are fairminded and even though passionate about the Mags do appreciate achievement in other teams except of course when their team is involved.. Of course we are in the North East, its just a small illiterate, ignorant minority who try to wind others up in the region. Listen my friend there is dross and detritus in all areas, this example gets his jollies by spouting #$%$ He really should know however if we wanted to listen to an #$%$ we'd fart. Lets just see which North East team is still competing for at least one cup after the next round?