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  • kht20 kht20 Feb 24, 2006 17:05 Flag

    Arrivadercci Roma???

    Lets hope so! Last night was a gruesome spectacle in terms of football but Boro are through to the next round and it is all good experience. Bolton will certainly be envious. Jimmy FH was fantastic ploughing a lone furrow, Quedrue in particular with the rest of the defence were brilliant if at times a little lucky.

    Now it's on to Rome who even without Totti will prove a stern test, but I think Boro can sneak a result as they seem to rise to the occasion and play fantastically against the supposedly superior bigger teams.

    Watch and learn Toon supporters this is what European football is all about. May be one day huh?

    Oh by the way full marks and big respect to the Boro supporters who turned out in numbers last night!!

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    • The thing is Toon supporters know all about europe you dumb soggy smoggy!

      We've been there more often than you lot ever have, so you've been in the UEFA Cup two seasons in a row? big deal, I bet you dont make it a 3rd time.

      As for supporters? how many empty seats at the Riverside compared to empty seats at St James Park?


      Arrivederci! (winks)

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      • Yaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnn! You still going on about support? well when thats all you have. Hey do you think owen enjoyed his Tyneside? I wonder if they'll ask him at his signing press conference?

        How in the hell a geordie can criticise anyone for their language is beyond me - does geordie even constitute a language? It's a series of noises interspersed with "arm a geordie me like y'na". It's a little like khansi the gorilla - it can learn simplistic set pieces but ultimately it eats banans and picks its arse all day.

      • No..... the thing is Newcastle Disenchanted aren't in Europe NOW!!! You are always living in the past.... what you HAVE done not what you ARE doing. With a rice paper defence, one aging forward and one who is paid £100,000 not to play and who will be back in Liverpool next year anyway, a convicted thug in midfield, and a rag bag for the rest of the team what chance do you stand. Only a very good goalkeeper keeps you going.
        Beat Chelsea and you might earn a little bit of credibility. Go on BEAT them, it's not that difficult....after all Boro did it...and in style.

    • A fantastic result considering the atrocious conditions. Jimmy Floyd was an inspiration and played a masterly game, one of his best in a Boro shirt.
      A second goal would have been most welcome but hey lets applaud the achievement!!

      Full marks too to the crowd, who more than played their part.

    • I thought I had better add in case Toon supporters especially smoggy_white_sock thought Arrivadercci was a bus company..... it is Italian for Goodbye.

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      • Dont you mean "Arrivederci?"

        Typical thick smoggy #$%$, thinks he knows Italian yet can get the spelling right twice in a row!

        Just for the record kht20, I lived in Turin for a few months back in the mid-90s, and I can probably speak more understandable italian, than you possibly can speak understandable english.


        I dont know that much about bus companys though, I didnt think you had buses on the road down in Boro? I thought its what you smackheads all lived in?

        A car park full of buses? thats Grangetown isnt it? or 'shanty' town or whatever you 'bag'eads' call the place?