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  • Ok, with our draw last night it seems we are going to have a bit of a fixture pile up coming into the last 7 weeks of the season. We also have to find a space for a postponed Bolton game too!

    Do you think that the FA Cup quarter finals should of been decided on the night or stick to the replay systems?

    I personally think that it should of been decided last night. The FA say they want England to do well at the World Cup and English teams to do well in Europe. Well this year we have a very good chance of winning the UEFA cup, yet they still stick more fixtures into our season.

    What should we concentrate on, the league or the cups? It could equate to having an equal amount of games (or just about)in both if we go all the way, so which should we put our efforts into and which should we take less seriously?

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    • more games = more success, i for one welcome it. it is now a case of rotating the players to get the best out of them, which mcclaren is doing and doing it very well. so i think we should concentrate on all 3 because we have a big enough and good enough squad, especially with the young talent getting the chance to shine...so come on boro your european crown awaits you and the FA cup can go on the left, our carling cup on the right