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    Boro Swiss Rolled 2-0! Ha ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha! 2-0 down already! not long to go now and you'll have no UEFA Cup football to shout on about! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Look on the bright side of it, it saves your fans giro money for the away matches abroad, perhaps they can start spending the money for the home games where the supports needed instead.

    *coughs! you smoggies, pure comedy.

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    • Hi you putrid geordie #$%$ pot, we have more chance of getting into europe next year than your lousy bunch of Notts County wannabe's. If we make the FA Cup final we are there regardless of the result, and there's always the intertoto as a last resort, I think with this seasons exploits we have more of a shout than you lot - but hey maybe UEFA look at crowd size rather than performance, hell thats all you guys have on us.

      Fat Freddy there is dragging the club down and nowt will change until he's out - not a patch on Gibbo. By the way, the season ticket was thrown at Macca not Gibbo - but I suppose them thar TV things aint hit the toon yet. You probably rely on the Daily Toon for your unbias sporting news, y'know, the one that convinces you lot you are still a quality team.

      Anyway, jelous or not you sure seem to keep a keen eye on the boro, seems odd to me that! You also seem to spend a lot of time in Middlesbrough, also odd! Hmmm, you don't liv.......nah. Anyway my little geordie friend - keep watching the boro, you are welcome here anytime, it beats kicking the cat - and unlike the cat you come back for more.

    • Ha ha you make me laugh Geordie bloke/smoggy wank sock or whichever profile you are hiding behind these days you really do...sorry mate but as you can see your jealousy is patently obvious even to us thick Teessiders.... man-a-live do you never get sick of making a fool of yourself with your comments and lowering your fellow supporters with this hate filled garbage? I think scottDuncan2005 hit the nail on the head with his post…. sorry fella I have to go and laugh some more….ha ha ha hohohohoho…

    • Look at the population size of Middlesbrough compared to newcastle, in other words we get more fans compared to size of place you idiot, PS how can you talk about europe??

      You won't be there for a long time, Bring back souness!!!

    • And will Newcastle be in europe next season????No but maybe on football manager for you they will be.

      Now i know a few Newcastle supports and they're well happy Boro are doing well in the uefa cup as they're not just flying the flag for english football in the competition but also flying the flag for the North East (despite what some geordies and mackems may think otherwise).

      As for going 'back to the foot of the prem like the good old days', Boro have only been relegated unlike our mackem friends who are going down for the 3rd times. also the season Boro did go down we where 3rd bottom not bottom, if we belong at the foot of the prem on current standings, then Newcastle belong 3rd bottom.

      It does actually sound that you are green with envy, i mean your having a crap season by your standards, no europe, no cups again, 12th in the league (highest positions so far), before Owen signed had the worse start to season, sacked your manager, the list could probably go on and on.

      Here's something very interesting about the top goal scorer in the north east so far

      Yakubu 13 Middlesbrough
      Hasselbaink 9 Middlesbrough
      Shearer 7 Newcastle United
      Viduka 7 Middlesbrough
      Owen 7 Newcastle United
      Ameobi 6 Newcastle United

      And the average attendance so far at the Riverside this season is 30,274

    • It does make me laugh

      We have a successful season in the cups and the geordies lie in wait for us to lose so they can gloat. Surely, you should only gloat about other teams losing if your team is successful at the time? I dont see the Geordies with any chance of winning anything, or with any chance of getting into Europe through the league.

      It seems to me the Geordies are jealous!! They scream about how good their supporters are yet they spend more time on the Middlesbrough board (a small TOWN remember guys) than they do their own! Stinks of jealousy is u ask me

      Next season is going to be funny, once Shearer is gone and Owen has gone back to Liverpool, they are guna be fooked. Oh the decline will be good to watch!

    • We're not out of UEFA or FA just yet, fella. As for the premiership, as long as we finish above you that will make me very happy. Shame Sunderland is going down and not Newcastle. It's long overdue...

      PS. What you going to do next season without Shearer? Ohh the horrors.

      Oh and another win for us today. You must have a crick in your next from looking over your shoulder. ;)

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      • Couldn't agree more. But lets not tar all Newcastle suppoorters with the same brush for the demented rantings of one so called supporter who probably has to get permission from his ASBO controller to attend matches anyway paid for no doubt by a combination of disability benefit and what he can nick from the Metro Centre. Give him due praise however for managing to get an ASBO it's probably the only qualification he has managed.

        Lets face it there are ignorant people in this world who 'hate' others just be cause they are black, speak a different language, or because they have a different religion. I reckon this guy is from the same sewer, his team has had an absolutely crap season so in his warped mind he wants everyone elses season to be crap too. Shearer was undoubtably class, but in his own words is passed it, but how come Newcastle haven't won a trophy with him leading the team. Never mind the season will soon be over and Newcastle fans can begin the annual dream yet again, without Owen of course who now that he has had a years holiday must be itching to play football again. So the first club to come in for him will see him jump ship, he's allowed to of course he has a clause in his contract.

        Oh how Newcastle fans must wish they had Steve Gibson as Chairman and Steve McClaren as manager....... keep wishing!!

    • Geordies? jealous of the Boro? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      Thats the funniest thing I've EVER read on these boards, talk about delusions of grandeur coming from the Teessie scum!

      Lets see the Boro next season, no UEFA Cup for their fans to shout on about on at the yahoo message boards for a start, its back to normality yet again for them.

      Boro, back to the foot of the Premiership like the good old days, with even more fans not turning up for home games, I hope we see more of the thicko Boro fans making idiots of themselves, tearing up their season tickets and chucking them at Gibbo.

      Then there will be even more empty seats at the Riverside! HA HA HA HA HA HA! pile of shite that they are!

      Yeah! every Geordie is REALLY green with envy about shitty, scabby Boro and the fabulous club that the most toxic town in the country has! (please note, thats a totally sarcastic comment, just incase you thick Teessider bastards take it seriously)

      You'll be joining the mackems soon.

    • Should move the Riverside ower to Basle......u got 1,400 supporters last night.....thats 1000 more than you get in Boro.

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      • hmmmm

        maybe the reason there was only 1,400 boro fans last night was cos it was an away game in an other country and also boro where only given 1,400 tickets.......you moron, if you
        tune in next thursday (if you can afford a tv licence) you'll see there'll be 25x + more supporters plus supporting middlessbrough than they where last night

        so how far did newcastle get in the cup again this season???? oh thats right you got knocked out in the inter two-bob how shameless, as for europe next season i don't know what your both laughing about as newcastle wont be there either.......well maybe for the odd friendly in pre-season