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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 7, 2006 16:55 Flag

    Boro Swiss Rolled 2-0! Ha ha ha ha ha

    Hi you putrid geordie #$%$ pot, we have more chance of getting into europe next year than your lousy bunch of Notts County wannabe's. If we make the FA Cup final we are there regardless of the result, and there's always the intertoto as a last resort, I think with this seasons exploits we have more of a shout than you lot - but hey maybe UEFA look at crowd size rather than performance, hell thats all you guys have on us.

    Fat Freddy there is dragging the club down and nowt will change until he's out - not a patch on Gibbo. By the way, the season ticket was thrown at Macca not Gibbo - but I suppose them thar TV things aint hit the toon yet. You probably rely on the Daily Toon for your unbias sporting news, y'know, the one that convinces you lot you are still a quality team.

    Anyway, jelous or not you sure seem to keep a keen eye on the boro, seems odd to me that! You also seem to spend a lot of time in Middlesbrough, also odd! Hmmm, you don't liv.......nah. Anyway my little geordie friend - keep watching the boro, you are welcome here anytime, it beats kicking the cat - and unlike the cat you come back for more.