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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 31, 2006 19:43 Flag

    Boro Swiss Rolled 2-0! Ha ha ha ha ha


    maybe the reason there was only 1,400 boro fans last night was cos it was an away game in an other country and also boro where only given 1,400 tickets.......you moron, if you
    tune in next thursday (if you can afford a tv licence) you'll see there'll be 25x + more supporters plus supporting middlessbrough than they where last night

    so how far did newcastle get in the cup again this season???? oh thats right you got knocked out in the inter two-bob how shameless, as for europe next season i don't know what your both laughing about as newcastle wont be there either.......well maybe for the odd friendly in pre-season

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    • 25,000?? We get that in our club shop!! I love the bit about the TV licence.....wow, you lot really do underline the word RETARDED. We don't need licences, or Telly's.....we go to the f*****g games!! You should try it, then your home gates will rise. You are in the quarter finals of the UEFA cup and playing for survival in the next leg, yet 75% of the inbred population will be squatting in their huts or swilling white lightning cider in some disgusting disease ridden bar......GO TO THE GAMES OH POLLUTED ONE...FOLLOW THE SMOG...LOOK TO THE CHIMNEY'S