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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 1, 2006 00:04 Flag

    Boro Swiss Rolled 2-0! Ha ha ha ha ha

    Hey Smogtastic…Step back and look at the big picture…look how quick these Geordies are to gloat on about Boro losing last night…that’s pure jealously mate…and also a measure of our success. Ha ha! Can you not see how it has really bothered them the fact we have progressed so far? Just picture them, for months now they have been cheering on the Germans/Italians/Swiss…. or any other foreign team Boro have played only to be cruelly disappointed each time we have triumphed…now can you understand their sad bitterness and their need to gloat …they have tortured themselves for so long, praying that we lose, but each time we won the thorn twisted deeper in their side…I look on it in the way that success always brings hatred from those less fortunate…hatred from everyone no, only sad tossers who feel the need to belittle others in order to make themselves look bigger.
    So be rightly proud and happy of our achievements my friend, and pity Geordie-wank-sock and his boyfriend for their small-mindedness because, after all, our success has tormented them enough.