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    Boro and ticket allocations - a joke.

    What a pile of #$%$ the 'powers that be' at Middlesbrough FC are.

    Middlesbrough FC cant even get a substantial volume of home support in their own stadium, and when it comes to a Geordie invasion looming ever nearer, they cut the ticket allocation in fear that the home fans will be outnumbered and drowned out.

    Pathetic, thats really pathetic, but I wouldnt have expected anything less from a club of Middlesbrough FC's low calibre.

    The club (Middlesbrough FC) confirmed on Monday though that our (the Geordies) ticket allocation for this fixture had been cut to 1,800, after an appeal by Newcastle United Football Club against the original decision failed.

    This reduction was deemed appropriate by the safety committee responsible for the Riverside, following previous instances of Newcastle fans standing up at that venue. (Whats wrong? cant the Teessider Stewards not cope nor control a few Geordie Supporters? obviously not! perhaps the ability of the staff should be reviewed, INSTEAD OF CUTTING OUR TICKET ALLOCATION!)

    Obviously Middlesbrough FC fans confronting their own manager at pitchside, ripping up and throwing season tickets at their club chairman, or even more recently becoming involved in a series of unpleasant off-field incidents across Europe pales into insignificance on Teesside when COMPARED TO NOT SITTING DOWN.

    Suggestion...next season when the Boro come to St James Park, ban the #$%$ lot of Middlesbrough FC's away supporters, you wouldnt notice the difference anyhow.

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    • Ha ha what a pile of shite..listen lads... Geordie bloke wont even be going to the match, I mean he didn’t even go to the Newcastle V Sunderland match and that was a home Derby game...personally I don’t think his Mammy lets him go to games ha ha ha ha. Sorry for laughing at the afflicted an all that, but Mr Geordie you crack me up no end…. you really should think about going into the entertainment industry...ha ha ha ....as a fookin clown !!! Waharrr ha ha harr ha ha ha ha ha

    • Because :

      A) We will fill our ground, although Middlesbrough is tiny compared to Newcastle and the ratio of fans to population means that Middlesbroughs support is far superior, we will fill it.

      B)why would we want Geordies in there?? We can't stand them.

      C) We always beat you up, the police don't want it and the hospitals can't understand you.

      D) The Boro boys will be buzzing from another brilliant night in europe, stuffing the #$%$ that is the Geordies and THEN looking forward to a FA cup quarter final replay.

      E) Moving past the geordies in the league, with a game in hand over them even though they have spent 75 million more than us in the last 5 years!! Well played mate, COME ON BORO!!!!!

      PS The smile on our faces when you went out of the FA to Chelsea, as the camera panned around to Shearer and you could see he was thinking....' Ah bloody hell like, av choose the wrong club ere like man'!! YES Alan, you have won NOTHING!!!!

    • I've enjoyed and had a good old laugh at a couple of the predicatable and #$%$ responses to this message thread, that I started on here and the Teesside #$%$ never let me down when it comes to a #$%$ reply.

      To the brainless and clueless #$%$ who claims that 1,800 is the 'normal' away supporters allocation, can you please explain to me how Newcastle United normally have over 3,000+ fans at the Riverside, when our teams meet?

      Thats blatent proof in itself that you know nothing about you club, team, or attendance figures, or ticket allocations, ha ha ha ha ha ha! call yourselves supporters?

      I'd hazard a guess that I've probably been to the Riverside more times than any of you lot who post your drivel in here.

      Anyhow, I'm sure that next season that the smoggys will find themselves on the end of the same sort of treatment from Newcastle United when it comes to ticket allocation.

      I only hope the game goes ahead, and that Boro dont cancel it due to weather conditions, or have you lot forgotten all about that one too?

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      • Ummm i had a season ticket from when it 1st opened to the 02/03 season (as i started uni and also could see my girlfriend at weekends as we were at different uni's) so i've seen many of a time where not only have Newcastle or Man Utd stood up during a game.

        The point is that any away club that visit any ground risk losing a good majority of away tickets if their fans stay stood up for 90 minutes during a match (and trust me Man Utd fans are renowned for this), the club that reduces the tickets for an away team who's fans stand up for 90 minutes do it on the grounds of safety, would you rather see another Hillsbrough disaster if fans where allowed to stand up during a game??? so the ruling that all stadiums have to be all-seater was in place so nothing like it would happen again.

        Your almost as bad as Man Utd fans protsting to their club to reduce Middlesbrough ticket allication just out of spite cos Boro do it on safety.

        If you want to do something about it, tell Newcastle fans not to stand up at the Riverside then Newcastle wont get their ticket allication cut.

        Nothing but a bitter bitter geordie and if Newcastle United do decide to cut Boro's ticket allication just cos 'we did it' cos your #$%$ supports cant sit down, you are worse then Man Utd

    • With the incessant whinging of the 'Geordie Fans' (fans being apposite with fan being short for fanatic), constant derisory comments about the ‘poisonous atmosphere’ of Teeside and the low morals of the Teeside people I am surprised any want to come to the Riverside at all. But as the ticket allocation of 1800 is the usual afforded to away teams this is just one more thing for the Geordie low foreheads and knuckle draggers to moan about I suppose. Its being so cheerful that keeps them going you know

    • Hmmmm, why is it that only Geordies complain. Around 1800 is the usual for away supporters at the Riverside.

      Its nothing to do with being drowned out or anything like that, thats just u speaking bollocks

      proven fact - fans who stand are harder to control, so if your lot cant adhere to the rules then why shouldnt we cut your allocations? Once you start respecting other peoples rules then perhaps your allocation will be put back up

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      • Actully Man Utd fans do it as well and they are just as worse.

        but they took it one step further and complained to Man U about the reduced ticket allication (cos of the idiots who just kept standing up at the Riverside), now for the game at Old Trafford, Boro now have a reduced ticket allication.

        I mean they made stadiums all seater for a reason, if i wanted to watch a match standing up i'd go to the pub and stand at the bar