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  • scott scott Apr 4, 2006 05:31 Flag

    Boro and ticket allocations - a joke.

    Hmmmm, why is it that only Geordies complain. Around 1800 is the usual for away supporters at the Riverside.

    Its nothing to do with being drowned out or anything like that, thats just u speaking bollocks

    proven fact - fans who stand are harder to control, so if your lot cant adhere to the rules then why shouldnt we cut your allocations? Once you start respecting other peoples rules then perhaps your allocation will be put back up

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    • Actully Man Utd fans do it as well and they are just as worse.

      but they took it one step further and complained to Man U about the reduced ticket allication (cos of the idiots who just kept standing up at the Riverside), now for the game at Old Trafford, Boro now have a reduced ticket allication.

      I mean they made stadiums all seater for a reason, if i wanted to watch a match standing up i'd go to the pub and stand at the bar