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  • i know this is probably too soon and going to sound daft but Cattermole for the world cup squad???? yes he's 17 and no experience even at under 21 level but he's playing like he's been playing in the 1st team for years plus it would offer some grit and a ball winner in the england midfield, if not in the world cup squad he deserves a call up at least

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    • Aye the lads a little acorn.... I love the lack of respect he shows oppposing premiership and international players and gets stuck in to em.... reminds me of our Robbie Mustoe only a tad more skilful...I hope he gets a start tonight, after his first premiership goal on Sunday his confidence will be right up there...and Morrison too, he gets in some good positions, makes intelligent runs and will be a good goal scorer for us eventually...I would love to see Downing running at defenders a bit more too instead of looking for that early cross…….lets get these young lads out there playing tonight and see what happens.

    • I think its too close to the world cup to start bringing in youngsters, especially those, as you rightly pointed out, with no experience at even U21 level. He is definately one for the future, maybe after a handful of U21 games and more than half a season under his belt he will be looked at, but i do think its too soon for him at the moment, no matter how well he is playing