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  • kht20 kht20 Apr 9, 2006 00:47 Flag

    Great to see all the supportive messages

    Can I on behalf of all the Boro supporters thank the supporters of other clubs, and, it must be said, the supporters of the beautiful game for the congratulatory messages following last Thursday's amazing game. We might support our own teams when we play other clubs, but when it comes to matches against continental clubs it is good to see all true football supporters get behind the British club.
    Good too to see the Newcastle #$%$ who seem to spend all their time on this site abusing Boro and their supporters, fall silent!! What's up prats, are the words sticking in your throats. Its not going to be easy but we still have a very good chance of qualifying for Europe again next year without taking the Intertoto route, but if thats what we have got to do, then why not. As for Newcastle, well their season is over isn't it??? If we do manage to win the Uefa Cup or dare I say it, the FA Cup, why don't we be magnanimous in victory and do a open-top bus victory parade through the centre of Newcastle so their supporters can see what one looks like in the flesh?
    Let's just see what Sunday brings shall we?

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