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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! JUSTICE WAS SERVED TODAY!


    Cheers for those messages in the Newcastle United forum, todays victory was even more sweeter for them!

    I just had to laugh today at the Boro getting taught a footballing lesson at the Riverside today by the Geordies, you were lucky not to be 5 goals down by half time.

    Middlesbrough FC....what a joke, just like their fans and their 'making excuses that they were tired' team!

    I thought you lot claimed you had such a better team than Newcastle United?!? then how comes you were beaten without that much of a problem?

    It was constant Newcastle United...attack! attack! attack! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Cheers for the 3 points! ha ha ha ha ha ha! Boro beaten 1-2 at their own home! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Boro below the Geordies in the Premiership...AS PER USUAL! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Its lovely when the Geordies beat the Boro in their own backyard, and its even more satisfying to know that its got you lot really sickened....

    .....and YES! I'm enjoying my gloat!!!! ;op

    Wheres paul3767 when you need him to laugh at???

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    • im glad you are so happy beating a boros reserve side we are safe in the premiership and have bigger fish to fry. by the way geordie what silver wear are that shower of shite in black and white chasing this season lol as-per usual nothing by the way is it true all geordie lasses are slags

    • Looking at your message, you don't have a girfriend do you? Be honest.

      When was the last time you picked up silverware? You can included FA Youth cups - they're a sign of things to come. You can't include North Ridings Cups.

      Now read this message once for every year since you last won something. As you can't count that high ask your Mum and Dad to help, I know they're downstairs watching TV while your all alone in your computer room with a big, hand made, you coloured it in all on your own, "Do Not Disturb" sign. I bet you underlined the "not" twice in big red pen. You are a clever boy.

    • So how far did Newcastle get in the carling cup, fa cup and the cl or uefa this season??? oh that right you got knocked out of both the fa cup and carling cup well before Boro did, you weren't even in the CL or Uefa and you got knocked out in the intertoto which for a club your size is embarrassing enough,

      Sunday was Boro's 53rd game of the season alot more than Newcastle have played this season and when was the last time you played that many games??? so of course players ae going to be tierd as unlike Newcastle, the players have a week once in the last 4 months unlike Newcastle but if we manage to win a cup, (something Newcastle haven't done in the last 10 years or with their preciuos Sherear) i personaly don't care who we lose to in the league and the same goes for most Boro fans i guess.

      I expect if the rolls where reversed and it was Newcastle who played 53 games and lost on sunday, you'd be saying that they where tierd

      oh and it would have been 2-2 if the ref saw Criag Moore's handball in the area, so count yourself a bit lucky ;)

    • Christ-on-a-bike its Geordie bloke…where’ve you been? you’ve been a bit quiet lately ; ) he he he, Firstly I must apologise for the Basel win on Thursday night….I think our team must of read your posts after the first leg and decided to make you eat your words…hee hee anyway with a gob as big as yours that wont bother you much…..aye you must have been DEVASTATED when you saw our lads surging forward , scoring time after time, dashing your hopes of gloating on our message board…F**k me I would have paid any money to see your face when we won. Yes you haven’t had much to gloat about this season and judging by your post, I can see that Sundays win meant a lot for you to say the least, as you sound practically giddy. …..but you see if we had won, we would have been denied the pleasure of your comments for another couple of days until you stopped crying again.
      As for being tired…yes we were, but when your team is having a good run in two major trophies you cant blame that …its just part and parcel of success…get on with it, welcome to the big time… Man U, Arsenal, and Chelsea have to do the same, so we have to get used to it too.
      So well done to the Geordies, and I cant see many Boro supporters being too bothered by the result…. yes it would have been great to beat Newcastle. …But, ultimately we do have bigger fish to fry ; )

    • Sorry, when was the last time you won something?