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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 10, 2006 17:36 Flag


    Christ-on-a-bike its Geordie bloke…where’ve you been? you’ve been a bit quiet lately ; ) he he he, Firstly I must apologise for the Basel win on Thursday night….I think our team must of read your posts after the first leg and decided to make you eat your words…hee hee anyway with a gob as big as yours that wont bother you much…..aye you must have been DEVASTATED when you saw our lads surging forward , scoring time after time, dashing your hopes of gloating on our message board…F**k me I would have paid any money to see your face when we won. Yes you haven’t had much to gloat about this season and judging by your post, I can see that Sundays win meant a lot for you to say the least, as you sound practically giddy. …..but you see if we had won, we would have been denied the pleasure of your comments for another couple of days until you stopped crying again.
    As for being tired…yes we were, but when your team is having a good run in two major trophies you cant blame that …its just part and parcel of success…get on with it, welcome to the big time… Man U, Arsenal, and Chelsea have to do the same, so we have to get used to it too.
    So well done to the Geordies, and I cant see many Boro supporters being too bothered by the result…. yes it would have been great to beat Newcastle. …But, ultimately we do have bigger fish to fry ; )