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    Geordie blokes mother

    Well it seems that Geordie bloke is saying that all Boro supporters mothers are on the game…..well I for one am GUTTED…I mean my mam…..she never f**cking told ME the #$%$ !
    Anyway his post has given me a good idea….and seeing as though Boro is the humour capital of the universe (Roy Chubby Brown) what can we say about his mam??
    I am offering a prize for the best comment to be judged by me, closing date the last day of April 2006. This competition is also open for supporters of other teams.
    Here are a few to get you started ;

    “Geordie blokes mam is so fat she broke her leg and gravy poured out”

    “Geordie blokes mothers breath is so bad ..its like there’s a little man in her mouth with dogshit on his shoes”

    “Geordie blokes mams teeth are so yellow…they could butter a whole loaf of bread”

    So come on lads get yer thinking caps on cos I am sure you can do better
    And don’t worry about sinking to his level because its only for a laugh and I am sure he will see the funny side of it …he he he.

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