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    Ha ha ha ha! well? wasnt that a shame? Boro getting dumped out of the FA Cup by West Ham United. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Its not looking good in the UEFA Cup either is it? 1-0 down in the 1st Leg, I dont honestly think lightning will strike twice and Boro will do another comeback, win the match and then progress to the UEFA Cup final....

    ....your going to win #$%$ all, which is exactly what Boro and their fans deserve!!!! Ha ha ha ha!

    And THEN.....WHAT are you idiots going to brag about over the Geordie fans next season? Sweet #$%$ all, thats what! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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    • Im a Chelsea fan and what can I say, Geordie Newcastle fans are the most useless ive ever heard.

      Boro produced some of the BEST game ive seen all season, they thoroughly beat us, the beat arsenal and thrashed Man utd, they beat Roma, they came back from needing 4 goals TWICE for god sake.

      Bottom line is Bor are the biggest club in the north east atm and you useless geordies who cant win a thing, playing retarded football are slagging off Boro, no offence but you should take a look in the mirror.


    • HAHAHAHA!u geordies cant say fuck all cos if i member correctly didnt tha geordies get to two semi finals n fuck it all up hmmmm YEAH!!!
      AND we beat basle after been 3-0 down so wht tha fuck ya say to tht? we r onli 1 goal away now n a duno wot u r buzzin bout cos have ya ever seen a geordie win a cup HAVE YA FUCK!!!....so wen yave won silver wear come bac n bragg then fuckin tosser!

    • I'm sure that made you feel better, smart lad. And what exactly have you got to brag about ? Last year's 4-1 FA Cup semi-final defeat ? Your last trophy (1969) or your last domestic trophy (1955) ? Were you around for any of those ? If Boro do manage to win the UEFA Cup this year then our record of cup wins/finals over the last 50 years will be better than yours. At least we know we're a small club and don't delude ourselves otherwise.

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      • Oh sorry, did I strike a nerve with you there gazzaclark?

        Seems you forgot to mention that the Carling Cup is the ONE and ONLY CUP that stands for anything that Boro has EVER won after "128 years of waiting."

        Thats 128 years!......and the way Boro fans go slating Newcastle United is really hilarious, when you think about the reality of it all!

        Boro's '128 years of NOTHING' is STILL a FAR WORSE record and evident CLUB FAILURE compared to that of Newcastle United's.

        Whats the highest position Boro have finished EVER in the Premiership compared to Newcastle United? (dont think Boro have ever finished 2nd, have they now?)

        How many Champions League matches have Boro EVER played in? (heres your answer...NONE!)

        Has Boro EVER WON the FA Cup in their history? (hmmm? NONE!)

        Has Boro EVER WON a European Cup in their history? (hmmm? NO.)

        Comparing ANY of Middlesbrough FC's history to Newcastle United's is STILL LAUGHABLE!

        Boro fans class Newcastle United as their clubs biggest rivals, but its so funny that the Geordies dont see it the same way, Boro are a team Newcastle United usually take points off! so theres NO REAL RIVALRY.

        Boro's home record against the Geordies is shite for starters, so you really shouldnt shout on when your teams stats against Newcastle United are a fucking shambles and a disgrace.

        Middlesbrough FC...the nothing team thats 'apparently' in the North East according to their fans, it seems the Geordies and even the Mackams dont share the same view of Boro's apparent North Eastern heritage, Tyne and Wear isnt a county thats a stones throw away from Yorkshire Pudding land for starters.

        I love it when the Boro fans come out with the "but we're just a small team and we know it" line AND THEN they try to ADD TO THAT the fact that Newcastle United are not a big club, what total bollocks......

        ........fucking smoggies are just jealous as fuck because the Geordies and Newcastle are recognised all over the place, and nobodys heard of shitty Middlesbrough or Teessiders.

        Thats why I like to taunt the Boro lot, they are nearly as easy to get biting as the manshitser USA fans.....

        ........EASY!!! just like the Toon taking 3 points off the Boro at the Riverside. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!