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  • ricored ricored Apr 29, 2006 10:03 Flag

    Be happy with your tainted cup

    Lets be honest since the expansion of the champions league to include more than champions of every country in Europe the eufa cup has lost all credibility but even with that I wish you luck in that 2nd rate competitions final.

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    • Hold on lads....I dont think this idiots a NUFC supporter....with the Irish name ...Eamon Ohara, that to me says he will probably be a Man Utd fan...or Liverpool....well any team except an irish one .....I tell you what Eamon, when your home team...Cork fc or where-ever you come, from gets to a European cup final then you can open your pie hole ...ok ?

    • are you thick! The credibility of the competition has increased since the champions league got bigger as teams finishing third in their group in opening stages get entered into the competition. Man Utd couldnt even qualify for Uefa cup this season. Go back to sleep

    • Happy? I´m chuffed to bits. As all the other messages and true fans say you´re so bitter its untrue. Should your team have got there would you be #$%$? #$%$ would you. Our run to the final has been truely exciting, it´s the stuff of legends. Besides "Champion" teams who finished third in the Prem last season had the chance of making it this far in this competition but could not achieve this level of performance. The Champ League teams get two bites of the European cherry cos they #$%$ about losing revenue should they have gone out too early in the Champ League. So you get to face those teams after you have already taken on many other teams.

      Two European finals, two English teams in them, the first time for both of them, shut up and support your countries teams as you´d want us to do should you have got there, you pathetic, jealous little girl. COME ON BORO!!!!

    • Let me think, hmmmmmm League Cup or EUFA Cup??
      Know which one id prefer

    • If thats the case then the Champions League has been devalued because you no longer have to be Champions of your own country to qualify for it and you can lose several games and still win it.
      Bet he wasnt saying that when Utd won it.

      LFC Fan

    • Don't listen to Oharaeamon, or shuld I say Oharamoron. He knows nothing about football. He's a scumbag FC United supporter. More to the fact he's a traitor, a deserter, plain and simply, he's a SCUMag.

      Personaly, I'm happy for you guy's. I've always had a soft spot for Boro since Robbo left us for you, and it's the same with Stevie Mac.

      Good luck in the final.

    • Boro supporters know we are not in the world cup final, but we appreciate the skill, determination and hard work the boro players displayed to get into this final. It may not be the most prestigous cup in football but many good teams were part of the competition and boro beat some of them.
      Your email seems to be expressing feelings of a bitter and jealous fan, whose team did not achieve what the boro have. Wouldn't be surprised if you're wearing black and white boxer shorts today!!!!

    • by saying that..

      Mmm not so true, cos then the 1st stage of Champions league drop out will go to UEFA cup. But then.. it is never fair to compare UEFA cup with Champions League..

      It is like saying.. if we have Premier League, why bother with Championship, League 1 League 2.. etc..