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  • Rob Rob May 5, 2006 00:31 Flag

    "McClaren for England"

    You've been chanting at the Riverside "McClaren for England" for most of the season, I don't think the FA realised you were taking the #$%$.

    I bet you're all delighted he's gone, unfortunately the rest of the country have to put up with this incompetent manager now

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    • What is it about this country, that certain people, the usual suspects, are already knocking Steve McLaren before he's even found where the coffee machine is in his new office. OK so he's not flamboyant or overtly egotistical, but our top players rate him as do many of the top experienced managers and I reckon they know better than us. Do we want another Keegan with his suspect temperament, Hoddle with his wierd ideas about mediums and the like,Taylor mmmm really exciting who substitutes our top goal scorer when we are losing, or perhaps Revie with his liking for cash. I think not! I am old enough to remember Alf Ramsey who until the World Cup of 1966 was a virtual unknown quantity, and look what he achieved. We have had two good managers since his tenure, Venables (Mr Showbusiness) and Bobby Robson (passion exemplified)both came close but failed at the last hurdle.

      I would have liked to see Arsene Wenger in the job but David Dein saw to it that wouldn't happen. Nice to see a senior FA official put country before club (NOT!). So we have got Steve McLaren, so lets give him at least until August 16th when we play European Champions, Greece before we even begin to pass judgement.

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      • Why are we knocking Steve? Simple really, he's useless. Most Boro fans wanted him out cos he's useless, thats why they've been singing 'McClaren for England', I thought it was funny, but not anymore.

        Tht FA are truly pathetic, he's gonna do just as bad a job as he's done at Boro, considering the amount of money and support he gets off Gibson, Boro should be a much better team, but they play crap and boring football and are way down the league.

    • As a Boro Fan McLaren is not my first choice for England Manager, but why not give the guy a chance? It seems that the knives are out for him already, at leat he is ENGLISH and his heart is in the right place. Why can't these people who keep coming on this website keep bitching about McClaren and Middlesbrough show some ENGLISH compassion and support the ENGLISH team to bring back the UEFA cup.

    • I didnt think people from middlesbrough could string a sentence together let alone actually chant a song that included real words let alone grunts?

      Apart from some flukey cup runs in the last couple of seasons McClarens achieved nothing as such to have been appointed England manager.

      Middlesbrough are still a second rate team that are kicking about in the lower half of the premiership, inconsistant in form and lacking any flair, I only hope McClaren doesnt bring that to the England team when hes in the driving seat.

      As for Middlesbrough, they could always get Bryan Robson back as Manager again, and then he can lead them where they really belong, down in the championship.

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      • Another idiot.

      • oh we can't, remember all people from Teesside are inbred, only a few people can really talk instead of grunting.......its mainly the people who don't like football and moved to Teesside

        if in fluky cup runs you mean semi final of the FA cup twice, carling cup winner in 2004, Uefa cup finalists this year in only the 2nd year of playing in Europe in a 128 years , i'd say its a better achievements that any team has done that aren't Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea over the last 5 years,

        As for a second rate team and " kicking about in the lower half of the premiership", yes Middlesbrough have had a bad league season but look at Arsenal this season and Newcastle last

        Gibson's not as stupid as fat Freddy or Murray so dont get your hopes up that Robson is going to be back at the Boro and for really belonging in the championship i since Boro came back up we've established our self as a premiership club and the lowest we've ever finished is 15th, other seasons apart from last season when we finished 7th and a season under Robson were we finished 9th, we've just been one or two places from being in the top ten

        are you just a bitter bitter Geordie?? cos you sound very much like one,

    • Where do you get that rubbish from? He will make a very good manager of England, and most Boro fans will miss him. Go to another message board and post #$%$ there.