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    Suggestions for Steve McClaren's successor

    I am sure Steve Gibson doesn't need our advice, but what the hell let's offer it anyway! Who do you think should replace Steve McClaren as Boro Manager. Give reasons to your suggestions too!

    In my humble opinion I think we should look to someone with some experience, who has a pedigree perhaps working as a No.2, yet can impress top players to sign for Boro and has a good grasp of the overseas players.
    My choice would be Martin O'Neil (if his personal circumstances would allow), Peter Taylor (previous experience in the lower divisions and England under 21 coaching experience.)or if we go for a foreign manager, Gerard Houllier who has indicated that he would like a crack at the Premiership again.

    I'd also like to see Southgate given a role by the new manager and groomed as a possible eventual successor

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    • Well... apart from the response from the usual suspect (yawn!!!), there are some good reasoned suggestions. I think my favourite has got to be Houllier, but I must admit to a liking for the Raneiri suggestion too. I wonder if Steve Gibson is aware of this message board, and perhaps the Evening Gazette would be interested.

    • As a Chelsea fan I suggest Ranieri. Top manager, top bloke.

    • I think that Ranieri or Houllier would be good for the club. I am not impressed by O'Neil at all, what has he done to merit the job?

      Maybe we could try and poach the prolific Roeder from the Notts County wannabes. What a catch he would be. We would be certain of challenging for honours at both domestic and european level then!

      I like the Southgate Idea too. I think Gibson it looking to build something of a dynasty and the boot room ethos is definatelt a winner.

    • Same as yourself, my first choice would be Martin O'Neill, however, i do have some doubts about him, even only slight. He did well at Leicester, nobody can argue with that, but then he went to Celtic and turned into a managerial god. I think a monkey could have turned Celtic into league winners, Scottish football isnt exactly the pinnacle of modern day challenges. I still think hes the best man for the job up here, but he has a lot to prove.

      I wouldnt recommend Peter Taylor for the job at all, i think hes overrated and if he was that good then how come none of the other Premiership clubs have tried tapping him up?

      I think Gerard Houllier would be a good appointment, pedigree in the premiership and in europe and has contacts to help us bring in top quality players, not only that but he has respect from a lot of players and coaches alike.

      I wouldnt look twice at Tony Mowbray either, and iv also heard mentioned Bernie Slavens name. I listen to the legends on the radio and half the time he talks crap, the rest of it, when he does have a valid point, he cant get it across, and makes it sound like crap. I know hes an absolute legend, but please please please dont put him in charge of our team!!

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      • A couple of stumbling block for Steve Gibson re Martin O'Neil might be his wife's health and whether he would be prepared to move to Teesside, also Gibson is very loyal to his staff and O'Neil indicated to the FA when interviewed for the england job that he would want to bring his own assistants. I can't see Steve Gibson wanting to get rid of the backroom team.
        I would like Houllier but would Steve Gibson consider him after the Zeige episode some years ago?

    • i heard there was a swede looking for a job!!!!!!

    • I hope boro get souness as their next manager or perhaps bryan robson back again (always good for some scandal and points reductions), then they can get relegated next season and be exactly where they belong.

      steve mcclaren is a crap manager, how he ended up getting the engand job is still a mystery to me? Middlesbrough fc are nothing but a flukey side that play inconsistant football..........something no england fan wants brought to international level.

      boro finished 14th place in the premiership! Pmsl wow! That was such an achievement, i'm hoping that boro lose the uefa cup final so that they have no uefa cup football next season for their non-existant fanbase to harp on about.

      middlesbrough fc....crap! I'll laugh myself daft at the dirty white sock wearing smoggies if they lose the uefa cup tonight!

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      • Ha ha ha! 4-0 i was right and i did laugh myself daft. Its good to see my crystal ball was working yesterday. Unlucky boro and even more unlucky england, another manager that wont make england a dominant world class team takes the helm.

      • White socks - what a biggotted fool you really are.

        In Europe I want any English side to do well.

        Maclaren has done relatively well with a modest budget. Look what steps he has put in place for the future of Boro. Sundays game had 15 academy players born within 30 miles of Middlesbrough, the whole squad was English.

        Lots of people say he is an excellent coach, imagine what he can do with that group of playes in the England squad.

        We are class in this country, the press scare off one potential manager and then most people want Maclaren sacked before he has even had 1 game. Get behind the man and suport him instead of being an idiot.

    • Hopefully someone other than Tony Mowbray. As a Hibernian supporter I and thousands of my fellow fans of the club would be gutted if we were to lose the manager responsible for the best team we've had in 30 odd years.

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      • Do you think there are many Boro supporters who like the idea of losing Steve McLaren after who, and what he has brought to Middlesbrough? But promotion is promotion in any profession and you must wish him well, thank him for what he has done and move on. Tony Mowbray is one of Middlesbrough's favourite sons, and, if he is ambitious he will want to test himself on a bigger stage that offers bigger rewards. I don't follow Scottish football closely but I gather he is highly regarded so he may well be in the frame. Not my first choice, but hey what do I know. If he is offered th job at Boro, that will leave an opening for another young manager hopefully of equal talent to learn his trade.... thats evolution!