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  • Alexander Alexander May 5, 2006 17:27 Flag

    Suggestions for Steve McClaren's successor

    Hopefully someone other than Tony Mowbray. As a Hibernian supporter I and thousands of my fellow fans of the club would be gutted if we were to lose the manager responsible for the best team we've had in 30 odd years.

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    • Do you think there are many Boro supporters who like the idea of losing Steve McLaren after who, and what he has brought to Middlesbrough? But promotion is promotion in any profession and you must wish him well, thank him for what he has done and move on. Tony Mowbray is one of Middlesbrough's favourite sons, and, if he is ambitious he will want to test himself on a bigger stage that offers bigger rewards. I don't follow Scottish football closely but I gather he is highly regarded so he may well be in the frame. Not my first choice, but hey what do I know. If he is offered th job at Boro, that will leave an opening for another young manager hopefully of equal talent to learn his trade.... thats evolution!

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      • Personally i wouldn't appoint Mowbray just yet, he's only managed in Scotland and not in England.

        I'd say let him manage someone like Hartlepool or a Championship team and see how he does then, remember the English Prem and the Scottish Prem are two different leagues in terms of quality, tactics and players, Mowbray maybe one of Middlesbrough's favourite son when he was a player but managing is a different thing.

        I'd say bring in some with the experience for a change and appoint Mowbray as an assistant, then he can get a feel of management at the top level and the experience of the Prem, i'd also appoint Southgate and maybe Cooper as full time coaches so they can coach the young defenders at the club and maybe one of them one day could also manage Middlesbrough