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    HA HA HA HA HA! UEFA Cup final misery for Boro


    Boro got what they deserved, a good old battering by Seville, Boros luck ran out on flukey comebacks and they were exposed for what they are.........CRAP!

    4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    It was well worth saying nothing on this board for a bit and being able to pop back and gloat in happiness at Boros destruction.

    What a disgrace Boro are to English football!

    Boro 14th in the Premiership, booted out of the FA Cup when their fans were convinced they would be in the FA Cup final and then finally twonked in the UEFA Cup final.......HA HA HA HA HA!

    Priceless comedy at the smoggys expense! and NO UEFA Cup footy for Boro next season!!! Aw!!! whatta shame!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! ;op

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    • helps if i reply to the right comment, d'oh.

    • how am I not a Newcastle fan? lol, I don't consider Boro a local rival as many of us geordies will agree, if it was Sunderland in the position you were in last week I would be killing myself laughing

    • Ok, thats a fair enough answer smogtastic, so fair play to you there, at least your not making out to be one of these "I'm there at every match" kind of people that this message board seems to attract.

    • actually i don't have season ticket anymore due to being a student and having other commitments i've had over the last few years (gf in durham who i could only see at weekends, moved to nottingham for 7 months last year and now joining the TA).

      Prior to that i did have one for 10 years and i'm planning to get another one once i've found a job, tho i don't have a season ticket i do try to go to the odd game now and again

    • so which one of the empty seats in the Riverside to you lay claim to on a seasonal basis then smogtastic?

      An imaginary one, I bet!

    • You aint a Geordie bloke you are a GEORDIE JOKE! How can you knock Boro? At least they made it to the final! You are a nasty little mug with nothing to say! Fool!
      Unlucky Boro...bad result for you but maybe next time eh...well done for getting as far as you did ....from a Chelsea fan xx PS ignore the numpty that put this up, he gives Geordies a Bad Name!!

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      • Nice one Kate, you hit the nail on the head there, he’s just sour cos we have had plenty of parties this season due to our cup runs, I just got back from Holland, Eindhoven and Amsterdam was just one big carnival both for Seville and Boro...yes the result could have been a lot better but at the end of the day we had a right good time, the night before and the day of the game half the town of Middlesbrough were out on the streets having a ball.....so glad I wasn’t at home watching the bill.

      • yes geordie bloke is an arse but unfortunately he is getting the reaction he is after, so he will keep dribbling his shite onto this board as long as we keep replying.
        very bad result, very bad performance by my beautiful boro and a german referee (which speaks for itself).
        we will rise again because of our youth policy, we will leave newcastle and almost every other team in the premiership in our wake as we will take our rightfull place amongst the top 5 clubs in the country....so let the geordie joker have his little triumph on our board before long he wont be able to talk because of the tears he will be shedding, so keep laughing geordie bloke and remember shearer is gone and soon owen & emre will follow.
        p.s good luck arsenal hope you bring it home still gutted we didn't but our time is yet to come.

    • Excuse me, but at the start of the season a few Boro fans on here (paul3767 for one) were having a good old gloat because Boro were in the UEFA Cup and had finished above Newcastle United in the Premiership.

      The stick was relentless from the Boro fans, yet did they beat Newcastle United this season? NO!

      A flukey draw at St James Park and a lesson of how to win matches at the Riverside is all you got from Newcastle United this season! 4-1 on points to the Geordies!

      Look whats happened now, the seasons over and Boro finished in the bottom half of the league whilst Newcastle United sacked Souness and made a full recovery finishing in the top half of the Premiership (as per usual), even with half of NUFC's best players still out injured the Toon was still the better football club!

      Then Boro get HAMMERED in the UEFA Cup final and watch the UEFA Cup go off to Spain! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Priceless, it couldnt have happened to a better set of fair weather fans! Boro thought they had it all in the bag but then blew it!

      Fell at the last hurdle! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      Now you've lost McClaren to the England job too, hes as overated as a manager as Boro are a football club to be contended with....

      .....look at that sinking ship called Middlesbrough FC.

      GLUG! GLUG! GLUG! Hopefully the Mackems will return to the Premiership and Boro will be end up going down to the Nationwide where they belong!

      Hopefully they will get Bryan Robson back next season and then it will happen for sure! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      Looks like the Boro lot will be tuning in to 'the Bill' next season, a bit like that crap song that the smoggys tried to taunt us Geordies with!

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      • Sinking ship? We've just been in the UEFA cup final, FA Cup Semi Final and Carling quarter final and you say sinking ship! What planet are you on.

        But hey you still managed to battle your way into Inter Outer upside down cup, you might even win it this year. Yes it has also been a long hard season for the injury prone pile of shite which is Newcastle.

        I really do hope you get Glen as your manager because I'll tell you something here, he's worse than Souness! Doesn't he have a habit of finishing seventh in his first season and then getting relegated?

        Lets see how well you do next season, particularly if you get into a real European competition, because I think that your injury prone bunch of carthorses will struggle.

        And who went into whose forum to goad? Anyway I thought you were banned for been a twat and arranging to meet people in manchester for a fight? Silly git! As ever taking everything far to serious. You get rattled so easily, I knew you would be back and you know what, I and we (boro fans) can take it and you know why? We have just had a season which we could have only dreamt about, a season that is the envy of you sad little Notts County wannabes. So yes you finished above us in the league and yes it hurts to think your shower of shite did better than us, although if we had as few games as you I think it would have been different, but that is by the by. We finished lower but I would not swap our seasons for anything you have done this year.

        Come on Roeder - do your stuff.

      • What a retarded Geordie. As a Chelsea supporter, I was captivated by Boros 2 amazing comebacks this season in the UEFA cup and enjoyed watching their trouncing of the 3 big sides even though one of them is the team I support!

        This is the most inane, nonsensical post.

        As I recall the last time Newcastle were in the UEFA cup they got smashed 4-1 by Sporting

        They werent even in it this year, and may not be in it next.

        and then theres the other thrashing Newcastle have recieved in both UEFA and FA cup (4-1 last season).. and to marsielle in the semis the year before.

        This guy simply must be just trying annoy people since no-one could be that stupid to mock a team thats actually had a better season than his.

        How many trophies have Newcastle won in the past 50 years?

        How many have Boro won?

        How the hell can you take the mick????

        a good little league run is shit all compared to a huge UEFA cup run.

        Dont worry Boro, the rest of the premiership are behind you and not the retarded Geordie fans in fact this post is the most inane most i've ever seen. when Boro are actually the bigger, better overall side.


    • didn't see newcastle up there did you??? your laughing through shame matey

    • and so what footy team do you support?? - i presume you must be a spanish fan cos anyone from england would have been rooting for the british team....

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