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  • A Yahoo! User May 11, 2006 17:35 Flag

    HA HA HA HA HA! UEFA Cup final misery for Boro

    geordie bloke,

    firstly i am going to agree with you on a few things:

    1 - the flukey draw at st james. You were flukey to get the draw.

    2 - Footballing lesson at the riverside - Yes you won but you were playing against mainly youngsters as we were more focused on the uefa cup

    Hey we didnt play as good as what we can in the final but im a proud boro supporter that was happy to see my team run out in a major european final, something that you cant say. I like the way SOME fans not all call the carling cup a micky mouse cup when they consider it an achievement to qualify for the intertoto.

    I would like to see all three north east clubs do well.

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    • Major European Final...........on a wednesday night, on ITV, yeah right. Its a 2nd rate trophy that we would love to have as much as you lot would, because its about the only thing we are capable of winning! That said, the fact remains you didn't win it, you were picked clean by a vastly superior team. We didn't win it last season for the exact same reason, although we weren't quite as embarassing as you lot were last night. Downing was left wanting so much it was excrutiating to watch (Hopefully Sven was watching), Viduka would have got the penalty had he not pathetically overacted as he always does and Hssslebaink's squealing post match is typical of the biggest cheat in football. All in all, it was an embarassing night for the Boro but had you won, you lot would have hounded Geordie Bloke for the next six months....looks like its a case of reaping what u sow!! The lad has the stage....sit back and wince...its gonna hurt;)

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      • Ignore the sad Geordie Muppet.

        It was a bad result last night, but as someone said in an earlier post; 'at least you got to the Final'. I don't think 4-0 was a fair result. At 1-0, you had a couple of good chances that could've changed things. It was only the last 10-15mins or so when it really went wrong, and there was not enough time to recover. To be fair though, Seville was the much better side, but that dosn't take away the effort Boro put into the game.

        Gutted for McClaren aswell. He's done a fantastic job with the squad He's had......Good Luck next season.

      • Geordie Bloke has hit the stage Ha ha ha ha ha....well thats cleared that up.....I heard the sound of Dogshit hitting the pavement but I thought it was a Great Dane.