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  • Boro's charmed UEFA life finally runs out and they are cruelly exposed for what they really are......very poor! Can't have any complaints whatsoever about the outcome. Boro were taken apart at every level and only the final whistle saved them from further embarassment. Nevertheless, they have put quite a tidy sum in the coffers due to their cup ambitions and have had many neutrals taking notice of their journeys in two tournaments, so theirs hasn't been a lost cause.
    It would have been a travesty if Boro had got anything out of such a one sided game, but I wish Hasslebaink could at least lose with some grace, instead of bleating like a stuck lamb.........the man is the biggest cheat in the game, yet he bawls and screams cos a ref didn't award a penalty. Believe me, looking at it from a neutral perspective, had Boro got anything at all from such a mauling, it would have been very harsh on a vastly superior opponent. Take it on the chin lad's, you were taught a footballing lesson and you came a very very poor 2nd!

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    • this from a skunk!!!!!! Poor 2nd eh? Still made the final!!!!

      If JFH is a 'cheat', what the hell is (was) Shearer????? Has he never bawled and screamed coz a ref didn't award a penalty??????


    • Not whinging just stating fact's. Your jealous because the small town in europe has had more recent success than your so called massive club could dream of.

    • Heres a hankerchief markibbotson, wipe them tears up and stop your whinging on.

    • Hee hee! I love to see you daft twats coming on our board and trying to slag us off .....stinks of fear..yes youre collective arses are truly giving it threppeny bit tanner, cheers lads, a good team always seems to attract bitter morons who cant stand to see others do well ; )

    • In a way I feel sorry for the Boro fans. It was the cruelest way to lose, this 4-0. But reality is here: Sevilla have been the much better team, no doubt.
      You will have to learn from this defeat (like others had to do before) and improve next year.
      You have gone quite far and done quite well, so don't give up and try again.

    • Very tactiful comments there boddie2001.......

      .......I'd have just said Boro were #$%$

      That UEFA Cup final was hilarious, I was laughing all the way through it, especially at the Boro fans faces!

      4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0!

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      • I'm not a Boro fan, but having moved to the North East a few years ago, I've enjoyed seeing them progress and enjoyed going to a few games too. There's an honesty about the folks on Teesside which is in sharp contrast to the unjustified arrogance of the Toon Army, who have had yet another unfulfilled season and can only take out their frustrations on knocking a team who have achieved a lot (and enjoyed themselves) this season. Whilst Boro were definitely second-best last night, the 4-0 scoreline didn't reflect the true game and I found their attempt to go all out for the equaliser even at the risk of conceding more very refreshing (reminded me of a certain Kevin Keegan at a nearby club a few years ago!). Despite small-minded idiots like you (and your club, by common consent, has more than most), I'll be hoping you progress in Europe next year, but until you get through the Inter-Toto Cup and then the large number of games needed to reach the UEFA Cup Final, I'd not be too noisy in your bragging.

      • Thats it, mock a team thats had a better season then yours and one thats done better than yours in the last 50 years :s

        Makes sense

        Get a life you useless wanker, I have enjoyed watching Boro many times this season and theyre 100x the side Newcastle will ever be, all Newcastle can do is get thrashed by Man u, or by sporting Lisbon.

        -Rob(Chelsea fan)